Leather Photograph Album of CDV Portraits

A leather photograph album containing 20 photographic images, including sixteen carte-de-visite and four tintypes, some of which are paper-mounted. The portraits capture men and women of various ages, either standing or seated in interior spaces. The interior of the leather photograph album features a large brown decorative ink marked: [Photograph / ALBUM / Samuel Bowles & Co. / top of the imprinted page are graphite inscriptions: [ph. 11-4259CMISF-11]. Identified photographers of the albums photographs include: JP Ball & Company; William T. Crouch; Belleville, Illinois; Fischer, St. Louis, Missouri; A.J. Fox, St. Louis, Missouri; R. Goebel, St. Charles, Missouri; LaTour, Chicago, Illinois; LeClear’s, Jackson, Michigan; J.F. Ryder, Cleveland, Ohio; and H.A. Seymour, Jackson, Michigan.