Langston Hughes Collection from the Billops-Hatch Archives

The collection contains material related to Langston Hughes from 1926-2002, This artificially created collection created by James V. Hatch and Camille Billops contains writings by Langston Hughes, including a small number of adaptations and translations; a small amount of correspondence (1938-1986); and printed materials. The printed matter comprises the largest group of materials and include published writings by Hughes, clippings, programs, promotional materials, materials from The Langston Hughes Festival (sponsored by The City College of the University of New York 1978-1998), publications of The Langston Hughes Society. Of particular interest in this collection are examples of Hughes’ dramatic works, including the skits and songs for Run, Ghost, Run, Mule Bone, which he wrote with Zora Neale Hurston; and Don’t You Want To Be Free, which includes production notes and costume notes by Hughes. Also included are materials from the Gollancz Limited publishing house including contracts and letters regarding publishing rights.