Katherine P. Williamson Photographs 

Katherine P. Williamson (1910-1964) was a Cleveland, Ohio, social worker who had a particular interest in improved housing for minority groups. She was a caseworker for the Cuyahoga County Child Welfare Dept., Family Life Coordinator for the Welfare Federation of Cleveland’s Central Area Community Council, and Child Welfare Consultant, and later, Northeast Area Superior, for the Ohio Dept. of Public Welfare. The collection consists of photographs relating mainly to Katherine P. Williamson’s work at Friendly Inn Social Settlement, Cleveland, Ohio. Includes photographs of various groups of African Americans at Friendly Inn Social Settlement, including senior citizens and arts and crafts groups. Also includes photographs relating to a Family Life and Health Month parade and fair held in Cleveland in 1957, sponsored by the Friendly Inn. Those pictured in the parade and fair photographs are: Anthony Celebrezze, Perry B. Jackson, William O. Walker, Russell Davis, Ethel Storey, Charles W. White, and George Theobald.