James Lowell Gibbs Collection of African-American Documents

“Includes a letter and clippings to Judge W.E. Ambler from John Langston of the House of Representatives, 1890 (copy); letter, photograph, and clipping from W. Willis Menard, African-American member of the house of Representatives, 1892; letter from Edward W. Bemis, School of History and Economics, Vanderbilt University, 1892; letter, with enclosures from Rev. J.C. Price, founder and first president of Livingstone College, 1892; and typed letter from Charles Chesnutt, 1918. Letter to Charles Chesnutt include a handwritten letter (copy) from W.E.B. DuBois in which he discusses his intention to found a magazine, 1903; letter from Kelly Miller, 1903; typed letter from Charles N. Anderson of the Coney Island Jockey Club, 1902; and printed card with an excerpt from his The Marrow of Tradition, signed by Chesnutt (copy). Other letters include a post card and note from Blanche K. Bruce, 1871; letter from William Still to Karl Kotz 1883; note from Wallace Bruce (U.S. Consul in Edinburgh) to Mr.. and Mrs. Angus, 1893; letter from J.W. Rainey first African-American Congressman, to the President recommending a Henry Noach for the position of Collector of Customs in Charleston, 1887.
Also, a letter from Gerad Ralston Consul General of Liberia to [Stalerman], 1865 (copy); a letter from black poet Fenton Johnson to Stanley K. Faye, 1915. Also, undated clipping describing a visit to Oberlin of delegates to an NAACP convention in Cleveland; clipping and autograph of black British composter Samuel Taylor-Coleridge; engraving and autograph of Booker T. Washington (copy).