George Gund Foudnation Records, Series IV

The George Gund Foundation is a charitable foundation established by Cleveland, Ohio, businessman and philanthropist George Gund. It supports education and various projects of community organizations located primarily in northeastern Ohio, but also in Ohio and the United States. Of particular interest to the Foundation are new teaching methods and education for disadvantaged people. The arts, civic affairs, economic development, the environment, and human services are also priorities of the Foundation. Abortion rights, women’s issues, handgun control, homelessness, equal housing, museum development, retinitis pigmentosa research, AIDS public policy and education, community gardening, historic preservation, population control, family planning, and nuclear weapons control are also areas supported by the Foundation. The collection consists primarily of grant files. These grant files include audited financial statements, brochures, correspondence, proposals, newspaper clippings, reports, publications, and other material submitted as attachments to proposals and reports. The collection also includes studies, receipts, minutes, notes, agendas, charters, and evaluations.