Fishtruck Boogie / Blowing My Horn

LP (a) and sleeve (b) of Kitty Kaye and The Cats, “Fishtruck Boogie” and Allen Thomas and Orchestra’s “Blowing My Horn.” The LP has a red label on the front and back that begins with the logo for [Hawk / Record]. Underneath on either side of the hole are record manufacturing information, [72053-A] and [E3KB-5393]. The same information is on the back except for a B on the left side to signify the back of the record. Below the hole is the title of the song, [FISHTRUCK BOOGIE] and the performing artist, [Kitty Kaye and the Cats]. At the bottom of both sides of the record is the Record label address, [HAWK RECORD CO: / Cleveland, Ohio / 2136 E. 105th Street]. The back of the LP song reads, [BLOWING MY HORN / Music by Allen Thomas], and the artist, [Allen Thomas and Orchestra].
The sleeve is made from brown paper that has aged and darkened. A white paper is attached to the upper right corner that reads in black print [160 DUKE / BOBBY BLUE BLAND / I LEARNED MY LESSON / I CAN’T BELIEVE]. On the right, [Capitol], is handwritten in black crayon. The back is blank.