Class of 1892 Oberlin Academy Preparatory School

A black and white photograph of the Oberlin Academy Preparatory School Class of 1892. There are three (3) rows of students. The first row is one (1) girl in a white dress. Her hair is pulled back and she has curls in the front. She appears to be kneeling on the ground. The middle row contains four (4) girls in white dresses. They are sitting down. The girl on the far proper right side has her hair pulled back with curls in the front. The girl to the left has curly hair which is also pulled back with a bow.
The back row contains six (6) students. Three girls in white dresses and three boys in black suits. The boy in the middle is also wearing a black tie. There are two (2) girls on the proper right side. They have their hair pulled back with curls in the front. Eva Dyson is the female student on the proper left side. Her hair is pulled back as well. The boy to her right is wearing glasses.
The photo is taken in a an interior setting. A rug, a chair, and some plants can be seen. All of the students are holding what appears to be marbled because of age and some of the corners are torn.
The image appears to have yellowed with age.
There are some spots on the back of the board. There is also a diagonal white label on the proper left side of the board. It reads [1892 Graduation/10.-DC] in pencil.