Bayanne Herrick Hauhart Collection

Dr. Henry Justus Herrick was born on January 20, 1833 in Aurora, Portage County, Ohio. He was the son of Justus Tyler Herrick (1801-1882) and Caroline J. Herrick (1808-1847). The family moved to Twinsburg when he was a child where he worked on the family farm and attended school. He graduated from Williams College in 1858 and Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois, in 1861. After medical school he came to the Cleveland area to work at the U.S. Marine Hospital under Dr. Martin L. Brooks. Dr. Herrick was commissioned assistant surgeon and then promoted to surgeon with the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. He was captured at the battle of Chickamauga and spent two months as a prisoner of war at Libby Prison. After his exchange he served with General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Atlanta campaign and march to the sea. After the war ended, Dr. Herrick returned to Cleveland to practice medicine. He was a professor and became chair of gynecology and hygiene in the medical department of Western Reserve University. He was a member of several medical societies and wrote articles for various medical journals. He died in 1901. Dr. Henry Justus Herrick married Mary Brooks (1841-1909) on December 8, 1863. They had four children, Frances Hope Herrick (1865-1929), Henry Justus Herrick (1867-1932), Frederick Cowles Herrick (ca. 1872-1943), and Leonard Brooks Herrick (1876-1946). Both Henry and Frederick became medical doctors. Mary Brooks was born in March of 1841 to Martin Luther Brooks and Frances Rebecca Hope. She died in 1909. Henry Justus Herrick Jr. was born September 12, 1867. He graduated from Worchester University in 1891 and Western Reserve Medical College in 1894. He married Henrietta Wilkes in September of 1896 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada. Their daughter, Mary Herrick, was born in 1897. He was a doctor in Cleveland and a member of the faculty of the medical department at Western Reserve University. At the time of his death in 1932, he was a resident of Hudson, Ohio. Frederick Cowles Herrick was born on October 31, 1872 (some sources say October 30, 1871). He attended public high school in Cleveland and graduated from Amherst College in 1894. He received his medical degree from Western Reserve University in 1897. He did some post-graduate work at the University of Goettingen, Germany, from 1898-1900 and practiced medicine in Cleveland afterwards. He did more post-graduate work at London General Hospital Medical School from 1905-1906 and returned to Cleveland. Some of the positions he held were as a doctor specializing in surgery at Cleveland City Hospital and Charity Hospital as well as teaching at Western Reserve University Medical School. He served in WWI as a captain in the medical corps, was promoted to the rank of major, and served in France during the Argonne offensive. He married Annie Bayard Crowell on July 22, 1908 in Paris and they had four children, Henry Crowell Herrick (1911-1969), Frederick Cowles Herrick (1913-1999), Bayard Brooks Herrick (1918-1946), and Anne Frances Herrick (1920-2012). Dr. Herrick passed away on April 5, 1943 and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. Annie Bayard Crowell Herrick was born on May 3, 1883. Her father was Henry Crowell. She studied music in Vienna around the time of Frederick Cowles Herrick’s post-graduate studies in Germany. She was active in many Cleveland organizations including the Campfire Girls, University Hospitals, the Women’s City Club of Cleveland, the Junior League, and the Phillis Wheatley Association. She died in October of 1972. Leonard Brooks Herrick was born on August 28, 1876. He served in the Naval Reserve of Ohio from 1895-1898 and became a hardware manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He married Ethel Maud Tucker on October 1, 1901. Their son, Leonard Tucker Herrick, was born March 18, 1903. Ethel died in 1909 and Leonard later married Audra Donovan. Leonard Brooks Herrick died in March of 1946 and is buried in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Henry Crowell Herrick was born on October 25, 1911 to Frederick Cowles and Annie Bayard Crowell Herrick. He attended University School in Cleveland, Avon Old Farms Preparatory School in Avon, Connecticut, and Western Reserve University, Fenn College, and Cleveland College. He graduated from Cleveland School of Advertising and worked in advertising and marketing first for Perfection Stove Company and then Curtiss-Wright Corporation. During WWII he was a naval flight instructor. After the war he became a security analyst. He died in March of 1969. Bayard Brooks Herrick, another son of Frederick Cowles and Annie Herrick, was born January 26, 1918. He married Suzanne Hiller on November 16, 1946 at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, California, and they had three children including the donor of this collection, Bayanne Herrick Hauhart, Bayard Brooks Herrick, Jr., and H. Crowell Herrick II. Bayard Brooks Herrick died on November 22, 1995 in San Rafael, California. The collection consists of admission tickets, agreements, applications, biographical records, by-laws, certificates, church programs, contracts, a constitution, correspondence, forms, genealogy documents, inventories, invitations, land deeds, letters of recommendation, licenses, membership cards, a memorial book, military orders and paperwork, a military pass, newspaper articles, obituaries, pamphlets, play bills, programs, a resume, stock certificates, and telegrams.