[All-American News–Excerpts. 1945-06, no. 2]

All-American News were the first newsreels produced for a black audience. Made in the 1940s and 1950s, they were originally intended to encourage black Americans to participate in, and support the war effort, and to reflect an African-American perspective on world and national events. Highlights of this issue include a segment about the moving of Christopher Columbus’ ashes, Mozelle Thompson, a young artist and designer, and Alma Byrd, a boxing trainer.
Move ashes of Columbus, Negro troops place urn in crypt (1 min., 45 sec.) — Cool off at Coney, crowds jam the famed playground (32 sec.) — Negroes on city council, many hold posts in Cleveland group (39 sec.) — Boy, 17 is designer, Pittsburg youth is prize-winner since 12 (45 sec.) — Minister in legislature, Rev. Ashburn, Columbus leader urges FECP bill (31 sec.) — United Negro college drive, seek goal of $1,500,000 (30 sec.) — Personality in news, woman is trainer of boxing stars ( 43 sec.) — Gotham seeks cricket game, N.Y. team meets with British W. Indies (1 min., 20 sec.).