[All-American News–Excerpts. 05-1945]

All-American News were the first newsreels produced for a black audience. Made in the 1940s and 1950s, they were originally intended to encourage black Americans to participate in, and support the war effort, and to reflect an African-American perspective on world and national events. Highlights of this issue include a segment about Evelyn Boyd who wins a scholarship, Dr. J Price McCain who raises prize collies, and Clifford Blount who lost his arms in an accident.
Head of U.S. league named, Cleveland attorney prexy of ball club (35 sec.) — Girl given student award, wins sorority scholarship (25 sec.) — Collies are his calling, Pittsburg man has prize dogs (44 sec.) — Armless, he is a success, conducts business despite handicap ( 1 min, 38 sec.) — Davis heads Goodman Field, young colonel is commanding officer (1 min., 42 sec.) — Philadelphia banker is 90, Richard Wrights is accorded celebration (44 sec.) — Pitt co-ed honored, heads Motar Board, national society (29 sec.) — War on diseases, uses penicillin to fight blood ailments (1 min., 13 sec.)