Common Energy by Lauren Herzak-Bauman (See Also: 2018)

Common Energy seeks to provide the community with a message of positivity, inclusivity, and love. In the midst of a volatile political climate it is crucial to practice tolerance, compassion, and kindness toward ourselves and others. The inspiration for Common Energy is based on Tibetan prayer wheels, cylindrical wheels inscribed with Buddhist mantras on the surface. This wheel is based loosely on the Buddhist phrase ‘Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu’, or, ‘may all beings be happy and free’. Interacting with the prayer wheels simply requires the act of spinning the cylinders in order to send positive messages out to the world.

Native to Northeast Ohio, Lauren Herzak-Bauman studied ceramics at The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (MFA 2009) and Bowling Green State University (BFA 2004). She has spent the last several years making large-scale installations that examine materiality and production using porcelain clay. The unifying theme throughout Lauren’s work is creating a transformative experience for those who encounter her installations or public pieces.

Common Energy is the ninth installation of the annual See Also program, which brings temporary works of art to the Eastman Reading Garden at the Main Library. See Also is a collaborative effort between Cleveland Public Library and LAND studio. The program is funded through an endowment established by the late Lockwood Thompson, a trustee of the Library and avid art collector.

This project would not be possible without amazing partnerships. Thank you to the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, Cleveland Public Library, and IMAX Fabricators.