CMSD Student ID Card Accepted at Cleveland Public Library


CMSD students who ride yellow buses are getting Identification cards that will let their parents track when they get on or off the bus. But that’s not all the cards are good for.

Both the new photo IDs and RTA passes that the District purchases for older students will double as Cleveland Public Library cards. Each will come with a bar code that, when scanned, will allow students to take out books and access other library materials.

Students who don’t ride a bus won’t be left out. CMSD will issue IDs with bar codes to all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

“This is an outstanding partnership that involves two major parts of our mission – student safety and promoting literacy skills,” District CEO Eric Gordon said. “I also like the convenience of giving library cards directly to our scholars.”

“The new CMSD ID cards will create more access and opportunities for our students,” said Felton Thomas, Jr., Executive Director and CEO of the Cleveland Public Library. “The library is a safe place for students to connect with their peers, learn new skills, and get hands-on with the latest technology. By ensuring every student has a Cleveland Public Library card, we are giving students the keys to discover new possibilities.” (Find a list of library programs, services and resources for students at 

The school IDs also provide an extra layer of comfort for parents whose children ride yellow buses.

Students will swipe the bar code on a reader as they enter and exit the bus. A warning light will notify the driver if the child attempts to get off at the wrong stop.

Parents and caregivers who download the Edulog Parent Portal app through Google Play or the App Store can monitor the trip.

Parents and caregivers could previously use the app to track the bus; now they will be assured their child is on board.

Visit the Edulog Parent Portal to find links for downloading the app.