Amazing Grace

Versions for high voice and piano, medium/low voice and piano. Words printed as text follow score. Staff notation

Collected Songs for Voice and Piano

Love response / Paul Laurence Dunbar (high, low) — Love memory / Paul Laurence Dunbar (high, medium) — Amazing grace / H. Leslie Adams (high, low) — Alone / Nikos Valance — Advocation / Suzanne Hassler — Dream song / Countee Cullen (high, medium, low) — Christmas lullaby / H. Leslie Adams (choral 2-pt, solo song)

Etudes for Solo Piano (excerpts)

G minor — G major — E flat minor — A minor — D flat major — C major — D minor — D major — C# minor — G flat major — B flat minor — B minor — E major — A flat minor — F# minor — C minor == D# minor — B major

Five Millay songs

Each song is presented in versions for high, medium and low voice. Wild Swans — Branch by Branch — For you there is no song — The Return from Town — Gone Again is Summer the Lovely


Each song is presented in keys for low voice, medium voice, and high voice; The heart of a woman also presented in medium high key; Sence you went away also presented in medium low key

The Complete Rags, Waltzes & Marches / Scott Joplin

disc 1. Sugar cane (4:14) — Pleasant moments (4:12) — Country club (5:21) — The ragtime dance (4:24) — Gladiolus rag (5:19) — Combination march (4:09) — The cascades (4:05) — Bethena (7:44) — Great crush collision (6:04) — Leola (4:32) — Scott Joplin’s new rag (3:51) disc 2. Maple leaf rag (4:06) — Binks’ waltz (5:45) — Paragon rag…

The HistoryMakers Video Oral History Interview with Leslie Adams

Music professor and music composer H. Leslie Adams (1932 -) founded and served in the capacities of president, executive vice president and composer-in-residence for Accord Associates, Inc., and has served as the president and artist-in-residence for Creative Arts, Inc. since 1997. He has held numerous teaching appointments, including Florida A & M University and the University of Kansas at Lawrence….