George Sampson

George Sampson, Class of 1898. Before graduating from Adelbert College in 1898, Mr.. Sampson distinguished himself as an athlete. He placed second in the 100-yard dash and the pole vault. He also played varsity basketball and was a quarterback and right guard for the football team. Mr.. Sampson was elected Class Secretary in his sophomore year. After graduation, he continued…

George T. Craig

George T. Craig, Class of 1938. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mr.. Craig was appointed to Cleveland City Chemist’s Office in the Air Pollution Division (1941). In 1962, he was placed in charge of the Air Pollution Laboratories. he was responsible for the Chemical analysis of Cleveland’s atmosphere related to industrial pollution.

Harry E. Davis

Harry E. Davis, Class of 1908. Mr.. Davis graduated from the Western Reserve University Law School in 1908. He was elected an Ohio State Representative in 1920. He served four terms in the state legislature and was chosen by the Cleveland City Council to be the Civil Service Commissioner for the city, a position he held from 1928 to 134….

Helen Olive Boulden

Helen Olive Boulden, Class of 1902. Ms. Boulden earned her degree from the College for Women of Western Reserve University in 1902.Helen Olive Boulden, Class of 1902. Ms. Boulden earned her degree from the College for Women of Western Reserve University in 1902.

Hermen Edward Gregory

Herman Edward Gregory, Class of 1926. Dr. Gregory received his D.D.S. from Western Reserve University Dental School in 1926. He started a practice on 50th Street near Woodland Avenue. After moving twice for better accommodation, Dr. Gregory established his las office on 55th and Woodland Avenue. Dr. Gregory invested in black-owned business, Capital Radio Company, and the Pilot Mutual Insurance…

Icabod Flewellen

Icabod Flewellen, Class of 1993. Born in 1916, Mr.. Flewellen was perhaps Case’s oldest graduating senior. At age 76, he earned a bachelor’s degree in American history. A dedicated student, Mr.. Flewellen attended local schools and universities for over 40 years. He is probably best known for establishing Cleveland’s African-American Museum, most recently located on Crawford Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio….

John Ezra Ballard

John Ezra Ballard, Class of 1917. Mr.. Ballard graduated from Western Reserve University Law School in 1917.

John Fredrick Mathews

John Fredrick Mathews, Class of 1910. Mr.. Mathews earned his degree from Adelbert College of Western Reserve University.

John M. Anderson

John M. Anderson, Class of 1897. Graduating from Western Reserve University Law School in 1897, Mr.. Anderson partnered with Alexander H. Martin (See above). He later became involved with the Attacks Republican Club but left the group dissatisfied during the 1900 presidential campaign. In 1908, Mr.. Anderson became a charter member of the Cleveland Association of Colored Men. One of…

John R. Philen

John R. Philen, Class of 1902. Dr. Philen graduated from the Western Reserve University Medical School. He worked for a dairy farm on Chester Avenue to finance his education. He established a practice on East 35th and Central Avenue. He later moved to Minnesota to practice but eventually returned to Cleveland.