From Empathy to Empowerment: #CLEReads Authors Share Advice and Inspiration

The pandemic may have put a hold on in-person events, but it couldn’t dampen the spirits of those who read, write, and love young adult (YA) literature. On December 4, nearly 500 people attended the virtual #CLEReads YA Book Festival and listened in as some of the nation’s most celebrated YA authors discussed writing, craft, advocacy, inspiration, and more. The…

Writers & Readers: Eberhardt and DiAngelo Discuss Racism, White Fragility (Recap)

Bias influences everything from who we see as suspicious in our neighborhoods to our hiring and promotion decisions to who jurors sentence to die. Jennifer Eberhardt, Ph.D. On Saturday, February 8, authors Robin DiAngelo, Ph.D., and Jennifer Eberhardt, Ph.D., came together in a timely conversation about racism and white fragility as part of Cleveland Public Library’s Writers & Readers series….