Storytime: Best Day Ever by Michael Armstrong

What’s the best toy ever? Your imagination! And that’s why we chose Best Day Ever for today’s #CPLStorytime! A special thank you to Cleveland author Michael Armstrong for reading his book to us!

Cavs’ Sir CC reads I Voted by Mark Shulman

The Cavs’ Sir CC is back for another #CPLStorytime! This time he’s reading “I Voted” by Mark Shulman, illustrated by Serge Bloch. This is a great story that will teach your little about the importance of voting! A special thank you to the Cleveland Cavaliers for reading this story to us for #5Days4Democracy.

Origami storytime with Mr. Peter and Ms. Olivia

Storytime! Add a twist to your storytime with origami characters to help you bring your story to life! Enjoy “The Jumping Contest” by Mr. Peter and Ms. Olivia. Create your own origami stories with these books from OverDrive. Enjoy More Storytimes with Cleveland Public Library