Making Dreams Come True: From Israel to Cleveland, How Teens Changed E.131 Branch Library

On a January afternoon at Cleveland Public Library’s East 131st St. Branch, three teenagers show off the clothing and accessories they crafted from recycled materials. Amari Fountain, 15, dons a plastic poncho trimmed with newspaper comics while Brittani Morman, 13, wears another poncho with pockets fashioned out of potato chip bags. William Sweeney, 15, meanwhile, puts on a playful wig…

Origami storytime with Mr. Peter and Ms. Olivia

Storytime! Add a twist to your storytime with origami characters to help you bring your story to life! Enjoy “The Jumping Contest” by Mr. Peter and Ms. Olivia. Create your own origami stories with these books from OverDrive. Enjoy More Storytimes with Cleveland Public Library

Storytime: Bill Cotter Reads Don’t Touch This Book!

Storytime! Today’s guest reader is the amazing author and illustrator from Cleveland, Bill Cotter! If your kids love his book Don’t Push the Button as much as we do, then gather around for Don’t Touch This Book!A special thank you to Bill Cotter for joining storytime! Don’t Touch This Book! A special thank you to Bill Cotter for joining #CPLstorytime!