The Art of Making Monsters

When Kaitlin Juarez moved back to Cleveland after a decade spent living in West Virginia and Rhode Island, she needed to find new facilities to make her line of handmade designer toys—and Cleveland Public Library fit the bill. Juarez’s “monsters” are whimsical fabric characters with playful identities and imagined histories. Juarez crafts the monsters from 100% wool, which she cuts…

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The Cleveland Business

Cleveland, Ohio, illustrated skyline, in blue gradients

“People ask me, ‘Aren’t you worried about the future, being in the book business?’ I always say: ‘We’re not in the book business. We’re in the Cleveland business.’” —Felton Thomas, Director of Cleveland Public Library When I told my friends I was moving to from Chicago to Cleveland, each and every single one of them said, “You’re crazy! You’ll hate…

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Five Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Intellectual Property

Finally, you’re all set. Business is booming; you’re ready to take those ideas to market; things are looking up. Before you jump feet first into the world of intellectual property, take a look at these common mistakes before you get started. 1. Not knowing what you need Does your company use a unique logo for its branding? Do you have…

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