November 14, 2023 Joint Finance & Human Resources Committee Meeting

Please be aware that all meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are open to in-person attendance by the public.

12:00 – Noon

Use the “SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE BOARD” link to send a public comment to the Board of Trustees. During the meeting, you are also welcome to submit a comment via the Q&A feature on Zoom. Your comments will be read at a designated time during the board meeting.

  1. FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT (Mr. Corrigan, Chair)
    1. Resolution to Accept Gifts for the Month of October (EXHIBIT 1)
    2. Resolution Requesting Tax Advance (EXHIBIT 2)
    3. Resolution to Accept TechCred Program Grant from Ohio Department of Development (EXHIBIT 3)
    4. Resolution to Accept Pass Through Grant from AT&T Through the Cleveland Public Library Foundation (EXHIBIT 4)
    5. Resolution to Purchase Computer Hardware from MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. (EXHIBIT 5)
    6. Resolution Authorizing Contract with Medical Mutual of Ohio for Employee Healthcare Benefits (EXHIBIT 6)
    7. Resolution to Amend Agreement with VOYA Employee Benefits Company for Life Insurance, and AD&D Insurance Policies (EXHIBIT 7)
    8. Resolution Authorizing Agreement for Replacement of Union Branch HVAC System (EXHIBIT 8)
    9. Resolution Amending the Hough Branch Project Budget (EXHIBIT 9)
    10. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Agreement with GFOA for ERP Planning and Advisory Services (EXHIBIT 10)
    11. Ninth Amendment to the Year 2023 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 11)
    1. Regular Employment Report (EXHIBIT 12)
    2. Resolution Authorizing Bonuses (EXHIBIT 13)