July 6, 2021 Special Board Meeting of Library Trustees

Out of an abundance of care, all guests are welcome to join this month’s board meeting online via Zoom.

Join by phone: (301) 715-8592 (Meeting ID: 842-0337-7221)

12:00 – Noon

Use the “SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE BOARD” link to send a public comment to the Board of Trustees. During the meeting, you are also welcome to submit a comment via the Q&A feature on Zoom. Your comments will be read at a designated time during the board meeting.

  1. Oath of Office for Reappointment of Teleange’ Thomas  
  2. Motion to Temporarily Suspend the Regulations
  3. Resolution to Accept Grant from the Cleveland Foundation (EXHIBIT 1)
  4. Resolution Approving Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendments with Gilbane Construction Company for the Hough and Woodland Branches (EXHIBIT 2)
  5. Resolution Approving Budgets for the Hough, Jefferson, West Park, Woodland, and Central Distribution Facility Projects of the Facilities Master Plan (EXHIBIT 3)
  6. Resolution Authorizing Agreement for Construction Photography and Documentation Services (EXHIBIT 4)
  7. Resolution to Revise the Human Resources Manual (EXHIBIT 5)
  8. Resolution Approving Non-Bargaining Unit Pay Structure (EXHIBIT 6)
  9. Resolution Authorizing Wage Increases for Non-Bargaining Unit Staff (EXHIBIT 7)
  10. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Employment Agreement with the Director of the Cleveland Public Library (EXHIBIT 8)
  11. Resolution to Accept Pass-Through Grant from the Cleveland Public Library Foundation (EXHIBIT 9)
  12. Seventh Amendment to the Year 2021 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 10)