July 21, 2022 Special Meeting of Library Board of Trustees

Please be aware that all meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are open to in-person attendance by the public. Out of an abundance of care, all guests are also welcome to join this month’s board meeting online via Zoom.

Join by phone: (301) 715-8592 (Webinar ID: 835 7092 6103)

12:00 – Noon

Use the “SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE BOARD” link to send a public comment to the Board of Trustees. During the meeting, you are also welcome to submit a comment via the Q&A feature on Zoom. Your comments will be read at a designated time during the board meeting.

  1. Oath of Office for Reappointment of John M. Hairston, Jr.  
  2. Motion to Temporarily Suspend the Regulations
  3. Resolution to Accept Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Funding Commitments for Hotspot Service (EXHIBIT 1)
  4. Resolution to Accept Funding Commitments for E-Rate Category Two Services for the E-Rate Funding Year 2022:  07/01/2022 through 06/30/2023 (EXHIBIT 2)
  5. Resolution to Advance Cash from the General Fund to the Coronavirus Relief Fund (EXHIBIT 3)
  6. Resolution to Approve the Purchase of Insurance Coverage for Policies Effective August 1, 2022 (EXHIBIT 4)
  7. Resolution Amending Project Budgets for the Woodland Branch, the Central Distribution Facility, and the Eastman Branch (EXHIBIT 5)
  8. Resolution Establishing Project Budget for the Rockport Branch (EXHIBIT 6)
  9. Resolution to Accept Gift from the Peak Ainley Living Trust (EXHIBIT 7)
  10. Seventh Amendment to the Year 2022 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 8)