February 18, 2020 Joint Capital, Finance & Human Resources Committee Meeting Agenda

Trustees Room Louis Stokes Wing

11:30 A.M.

    1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch Update
    2. Master Plan Building Updates:
      1. Woodland
      2. Westpark
      3. Walz
      4. Hough
  2. FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
    1. Resolution to Accept Grant Funds from the Child Care Resource  Center of Cuyahoga County Inc. dba Starting Point for MyCom Out-of-School Time Transitions Program (EXHIBIT 2)
    2. Resolution to Accept Best Buy Teen Tech Centers Grant to Support and Sustain the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Rockport Branch (EXHIBIT 3)
    3. Resolution to Advance Cash from the General Fund to the MyCom Fund and to the Tech Centers Fund (EXHIBIT 4)
    4. Second Amendment to the Year 2020 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 5)
    5. Resolution to Approve the Use of Lockwood Thompson Endowment Funds for International Travel (EXHIBIT 6)
    6. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Agreement for Security Services with Royce Security Services, LLC (EXHIBIT 7)
    7. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Squire Patton Boggs, LLP for Agent and Lobbyist Services (EXHIBIT 8)
    8. Resolution to Amend Agreement with Peter D. MacEwan, LLC for Consulting Services (EXHIBIT 9)
    9. Resolution Announcing Construction Manager at Risk for Phase 1A of the Facilities Master Plan Determined to be Best Value and Authorizing Agreements (EXHIBIT 10)
    10. Resolution to Amend Agreement with Benesch, Friedlander, Copelan & Aronoff, LLP for Legal Services (EXHIBIT 11)
    11. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Ease@Work EAP, LLC for Employee Assistance Service Program (EXHIBIT 12)
    12. Resolution Approving Option Agreement with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization for the Walz Branch Project (EXHIBIT 13)
    13. Resolution to Engage L.A.N.D. Studio Inc. to Organize 2020 See Also Program (EXHIBIT 14)
    14. Resolution to Enter into Renewal Agreement with Voya Employee Benefits Company, LLC for Life Insurance and Disability Income Insurance(EXHIBIT 15)
    15. Resolution to Authorize Director to Negotiate and Enter into Gas Contract to Take Effect After Expiration of Current Contract (EXHIBIT 16)
    16. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Agnes Studio for Design Services for a Brand Visual Identity Refresh (EXHIBIT 17)
    17. Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Materials Hold Locker and Agreement with Newburgh Heights for Placement of Locker (EXHIBIT 18)
    18. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Helbling & Associates, Inc. (EXHIBIT 19)
    19. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Agreement with Bostwick Design Partnership, Inc. and Ubiquitous Design LTD for the Woodland Branch and Distribution Facility (EXHIBIT 20)
    1. Regular Employment Report (EXHIBIT 21)
    2. Resolution to Amend Human Resources Manual (EXHIBIT 22)