December 16, 2021 Regular Meeting of Library Board of Trustees

Please be aware that all meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are open to in-person attendance by the public. Out of an abundance of care, all guests are also welcome to join this month’s board meeting online via Zoom

Join by phone: 312-626-6799 (Webinar ID: 831 4742 5337)

12:00 – Noon

Use the “SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE BOARD” link to send a public comment to the Board of Trustees. During the meeting, you are also welcome to submit a comment via the Q&A feature on Zoom. Your comments will be read at a designated time during the board meeting.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the:
    1. Regular Board Meeting of 11/18/21;
    2. Joint Finance, Human Resources & Community Services Committee Meeting of 11/16/21
  3. FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
    1. Resolution to Accept Gifts for the Month of November (EXHIBIT 1)
    2. Eleventh Amendment to the Year 2021 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 2)
    3. Resolution Authorizing Transfer of Funds from the General Fund to the Debt Service Fund (EXHIBIT 3) 
    4. Year 2022 Annual Appropriation Measure (EXHIBIT 4)
    5. Resolution to Engage Charles E. Harris & Associates, Inc. to Perform the Regularly Scheduled Audits of the Cleveland Public Library for the Fiscal Periods from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2025  (EXHIBIT 5)
    6. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Agreement with Unique Management Services, Inc. for Material and Cash Recovery Services (EXHIBIT 6)
    7. Resolution Authorizing Contract with Medical Mutual of Ohio for Employee Healthcare Benefits (EXHIBIT 7)
    8. Resolution to Accept Pass Through Grant From AT&T Through the Cleveland Public Library Foundation (EXHIBIT 8)
    9. Resolution to Accept Gift from Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA)   (EXHIBIT 9)
    10. Resolution Authorizing Agreement for Construction Photography and Documentation Services (EXHIBIT 10)
    11. Resolution Ratifying Agreements for Leased Vehicles with Enterprise FM Trust (EXHIBIT 11)
    12. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Squire Patton Boggs LLP for Agent and Lobbyist Services (EXHIBIT 12)
    13. Resolution to Ratify Agreement with OCLC (EXHIBIT 13)
    14. Resolution to Enter into an Agreement for Computer Hardware Maintenance (EXHIBIT 14)
    15. Resolution to Enter into Renewal Agreement with VOYA Employee Benefits Company for Life Insurance and Disability Income Insurance Policies (EXHIBIT 15)
    16. Resolution Authorizing Purchase and Installation of High Density Mobile Shelving for the Louis Stokes Wing (EXHIBIT 16)
    17. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with The Osborn Engineering Company for Engineering Services Related to Louis Stokes Wing Compact Shelving Project (EXHIBIT 17)
    18. Resolution to Enter into an Agreement with ERC Services, Inc. for Conflict and De-Escalation Training (EXHIBIT 18)
    19. Resolution Establishing Project Budget and Approving Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment with Regency Construction Services, Inc. for the Eastman Branch (EXHIBIT 19)
    20. Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Real Property for the New Walz Branch Project (EXHIBIT 20)
    21. Resolution to Enter into an Agreement for Branch Security and Night Alarm Services (EXHIBIT 21)
    22. Resolution Authorizing Maintenance Agreement with Integrated Precision Systems for Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems (EXHIBIT 22)
    23. Fiscal Officer’s Report (REPORT A)
    24. Report on Investments (REPORT B)
    25. Report on Conference and Travel Expenditures (REPORT C)
    26. Report on All Vendor Expenditures (REPORT D) 
    27. Report on Security Services Expenditures (REPORT E) 
    28. Report on Expenditures Made from the Owner’s Contingency Funds for Hough, Jefferson, West Park, Woodland, Central Distribution Facility and Lorain (REPORT F)
    1. Regular Employment Report (EXHIBIT 23)
    2. Resolution Authorizing Wage Increases for Non-Bargaining Unit Staff (EXHIBIT 24)
    3. Resolution Ratifying Amendment to Agreement with Laborers International Union of North America Local 860 (EXHIBIT 25)
    4. Resolution Ratifying Amendment to Agreement with SEIU District 1199 (EXHIBIT 26)
    5. Resolution Authorizing Extension of Agreement with Laborers International Union of North America Local 860 for 2023 to 2025 Term (EXHIBIT 27)
    6. Resolution Authorizing Extension of Agreement with SEIU District 1199 for 2023 to 2025 Term (EXHIBIT 28)
    7. Resolution to Revise the Human Resources Manual (EXHIBIT 29)
    8. Resolution for Special Closings and Holidays in 2022 (EXHIBIT 30)
    9. Report on Paid Sick Time (REPORT G)
    10. Employee Demographics (EEO4) Report (REPORT H)
    11. Insurance Summary Report (REPORT I)
    1. Resolution to Amend Fines and Fees Schedule (EXHIBIT 31)
    2. Resolution to Revise Policy on Internet and Computer Use (EXHIBIT 32)
    3. Monthly Activity Report (REPORT J)
    4. Building Status Update
    5. Advocacy Taskforce Update
    6. Foundation Update
    7. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update
    1. Election of Nominating Committee for 2022 Library Officers