Agenda – May 19, 2015

May 21, 2015
Trustees Room          Louis Stokes Wing
12:00 Noon



I.    FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)

A.    Resolution to Accept Gift from New York Community Bank Through The Friends of The Cleveland Public Library

B.    Third Amendment to the Year 2015 Appropriation

C.    Year 2016 Tax Budget

D.    Resolution to Establish an Agency Fund for the Collection of the CLEVNET Fines & Fees

E.    Resolution to Purchase Radio Systems for Cleveland Public Library Safety & Protective Services

F.    Resolution to Enter Into Agreement With Family Connections of Northeast Ohio for Literacy Playroom at Woodland Branch

G.    Resolution Authorizing Committee to Rank Proposals from Construction Managers at Risk and to Recommend Selection to Board of Trustees for Phase 2 Main Consolidation Project

H.    Resolution to Amend the Resolution Approving Amendment to the Agreement with Cintas Corporation for Uniform Rental

I.    Resolution to Renew OCLC Cataloging, Worldshare ILL and Access Subscription Services

J.    Resolution to Authorize Freight Charges for Filters Purchased for Main and Louis Stokes Wing Buildings’ HVAC Equipment from Ketchum & Walton Co.

K.    Resolution Authorizing Director to Negotiate and Enter into Gas and Electric Contracts to Take Effect After Expiration
of Current Contracts