BinaxNOW COVID-19 At-Home Test distribution at Cleveland Public Library – FAQs

Cleveland Public Library Distributes FREE Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Results COVID-19 Test Kits
Through a partnership with the Ohio Department of Health, COVID-19 Test Kits are available at the Drive-Up Window of the Main Library. There is currently a limit of four (4) tests per transaction (per a request from the Ohio Department of Health). Please call ahead to confirm test availability (216-623-2800) 

Main Library Drive-Up Window Hours

The Drive-Up window is accessible behind the Main Library Louis Stokes Wing, located at 525 Superior Avenue.

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm 
Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm 

What is the BinaxNOW rapid at-home test? 

  • Abbott’s BinaxNOW is an easy-to-use antigen test that detects the virus when people are most infectious. 
  • People perform the tests at home and digital health solutions provider eMed™ delivers results to the user through the NAVICA™ app in 15 minutes. 

 Why is the library giving away free COVID-19 test kits? 

  • Cleveland Public Library is partnering with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to make these rapid testing kits widely available. The test kits combined with the telehealth solutions provided by eMed™ provide access to testing for those who may not be able to get traditional testing because of work hours, mobility or transportation issues, or caregiving responsibilities. 

How do I get the test? 

  • Simply come to the Drive-Up window at the Main Library (located on Rockwell Ave., on the back/north side of Louis Stokes Wing) and request a test(s)

How many test kits can I get at one time? 

  • The Ohio Department of Health purchased two million kits and wants the tests to be widely available. 
  • To ensure there are enough kits for everyone, we ask that you take just enough to meet the immediate needs of your family group.  

What do I need to administer the tests? 

  • Internet access
  • A mobile device or computer with a webcam 
  • NAVICA account 
  • A mobile device or computer to see results 
  • The NAVICA app can be downloaded free from the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. 
    • After downloading the app, you enter some basic information. The whole process takes about two minutes. Test results are returned in the app and are available for 7 days. Individuals without a smartphone must call eMed customer support at 844- 943-0753 to get their results. 
    • Users can create managed profiles for children or other dependent family members. The managed profile can only be created in the app.  

Can I take the at-home COVID test inside the library? 

  • No, patrons are not permitted to take their at-home COVID test inside the library Test must be taken at home/off-site.  
    • Properly taking the test requires users to pull down their masks to complete the test which is against CPL’s policy on mask-wearing inside the building and puts other patrons and staff at-risk.  

Who can I call for assistance?

  • Questions about taking the test should be directed to eMed: 844-943-0753. 
  • Questions about test results should be directed to your healthcare providers.   

Does the library report any information about patrons who request the test kits? 

  • No. The Library does not collect any personal information and only reports the number of test kits we distribute. 

 Please note that the library’s safety protocols remain unchanged. Ifyou aren’t feeling well or have COVID-19 symptoms, please send someone to pick up a test at the Drive-Up window.