Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

It is the policy of the Cleveland Public Library to protect the privacy of its patrons and to keep confidential library records that contain identifying information or other confidential information concerning its patrons. In compliance with the release of library record or patron information statute in Ohio Revised Code Section 149.432, the Library shall not release any library records that identify any individual patron or disclose any patron information except in situations specified in that statute. Should a subpoena, search warrant, or other court order be issued, the Library shall immediately refer the court order to the Library’s legal counsel for review. Requests by a law enforcement officer for a release of records under Ohio Revised Code Section 149.432 (B)(2)(b) shall also be referred to the Library’s legal counsel for review so the Library may receive guidance regarding what constitutes a matter involving public safety in exigent circumstances.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees
September 19, 2002