NLS Braille eReader Support

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) is providing Humanware braille eReaders to OLBPD patrons using braille reading materials.

The NLS braille eReader by Humanware has a 20-cell braille display, eight-key Perkins-style keyboard, and can download electronic braille through BARD or transfer from cartridges sent through the mail.

If you are a braille reader and interested in receiving a NLS braille eReader, please contact OLBPD for more information.

NLS braille eReaders are free to OLBPD patrons.

To apply for OLBPD services, please visit the OLBPD Apply for Services or contact OLBPD for more information.

The Braille eReader is portable with 20 braille keys and 8 buttons on its top and several buttons on its sides.

Learn how to Use the NLS eReader

OLBPD provides patrons with guidance and technical support on using the NLS braille eReader. Please contact OLBPD by email or phone if you need additional assistance.

Read the eReader HumanWare User Guide (docx)

NLS eReader How To Series Videos as a youtube playlist