2021 NFL Draft: Things to Do at Cleveland Public Library

Touchdown at Cleveland Public Library during the 2021 NFL Draft week. The Library is showcasing the best of the CLE in a series of exhibits about the Cleveland Browns, Superman, and life in the city.

“We welcome NFL Draft attendees to safely visit Cleveland Public Library to learn about our great city,” said Felton Thomas, Jr., Executive Director and CEO of Cleveland Public Library. “Whether it’s our beloved sports teams to the arts and culture, the history of Cleveland is at Cleveland Public Library.”  

During NFL Draft week, the Library has a collection of sports memorabilia on display. Highlights include game day programs, photographs, and other items featuring great Browns teams and players who have made a lasting impact on the sport. The display is in the Sports Research Center on the 5th floor of the Library’s Louis Stokes Wing in downtown Cleveland.

In celebration of the NFL Draft, Library staff is showing off their team pride. Starting Thursday, April 29, employees will wear their favorite NFL team jerseys.

Other things to do at the Cleveland Public Library include:

CLEVELAND’S SUPERHERO: This DC Comics superhero would top any NFL Draft list. Cleveland Public Library is home to the Mike Curtis Collection of Superman memorabilia. Our latest exhibit, Superman Homecoming: The Heritage of Ohio’s Own Superhero, is now on display on the 2nd floor of Main Library.  The exhibit features selections from the thousands of comics, posters, toys, packaging, clothing, photographs, and more, some dating back to 1939. A comic aficionado and writer for the syndicated comic strip Dick Tracy, Mike Curtis spent more than 40 years amassing an extensive Superman memorabilia collection which was donated to the library in 2016.

LIFE IN THE CLE: Visit Brett Hall at Main Library to explore the photography exhibition, Cleveland 20/20: A Photographic Exploration of Cleveland. Curated by Cleveland Public Library and Cleveland Print Room, the exhibition consists of nearly 200 photographs with four central themes: intimate moments, geography, water, and leisure. 25 amateur and professional photographers spent nine months chronicling the people, the places, and the true grit of the city. Cleveland 20/20 includes extended contributions by Ruddy Roye, a nationally recognized photographer based in New York, and a Robert Banks produced film about Roye’s work in Cleveland. 

GIVING BLACK: Curated by The Soul of Philanthropy, the Celebrate Those Who Give Black exhibit tells the story of Black philanthropic efforts in our region by honoring the past, celebrating the present, and inspiring the future. The exhibit is in the lobby of the Cleveland Public Library – Louis Stokes Wing.  

URBAN OASIS: Visitors can rest their feet in our urban oasis in downtown Cleveland. Located between the two Main Library buildings, the Eastman Reading Garden is a popular spot for reading, relaxing, lunching, and people watching. Wireless internet access is available. The garden is open during Main Library hours, Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM. 

Visitors are encouraged to show their library love by wearing masks, practicing good social distancing, and staying home if they are sick.

For more information about Cleveland Public Library and current exhibits.