Defining the Mission and Vision of the Library in a Changing World

So much has changed since our last Report to the Community. The staff at Cleveland Public Library spent much of the past year implementing our new strategic plan, which was a direct offshoot of our new vision and mission statements. Through these initiatives, we have truly redefined who we are as an organization and what we expect to accomplish on behalf of those we serve.

In last year’s Report, we introduced the five strategic priorities that created the foundation for our strategic plan. In 2012, I’m proud to say that we actually did many of the things we had talked about…with some pretty amazing results!

Fight community deficits
We recognize that there are barriers that often prevent people from learning. Cleveland Public Library is effectively working to tear down those barriers through an array of initiatives, including the creation of TechCentral in 2012 which provides open and equal access to the latest technologies, products and services.

Form communities of learning
Our Library has always served as a hub for learning, innovation and community collaboration. In 2012, however, we significantly strengthened our position as the center of learning for a diverse and inclusive community. Not only did we open eight new Learning Centers to provide specialized training in a group environment, but we also worked one-on-one to educate our patrons on the effective use of the latest technologies. We also partnered with leaders in the community to identify more creative ways to help our children learn. | MORE »