EXPAND VIDEO Felton Thomas Jr., director of Cleveland Public Library, addresses the challenges and accomplishments of the Library in 2010.

Bridging the Gap

In 2010, leadership at Cleveland Public Library took a hard look at the core deficits of the Cleveland community and sought to realistically identify how the Library could help bridge the gap in those deficit areas. Specifically, we identified three main areas in which we felt our organization had the resources and expertise to truly make a difference:

  • Technology
  • Economic Development
  • Education

This year's entire community report is built around these three initiative categories and how the Library is working smarter through them to become an even more valuable resource to the community. I am very proud of the fact that, despite additional budget cuts at the state level, Cleveland Public Library continued its focus on innovation and program enhancements aimed at serving and supporting our patrons.

This past year was very much a rebuilding year for the Library. A lot of changes took place behind the scenes, even though many of them were seamless to the public. These changes were designed to create a strong foundation on which we can build for the future. Our programs, services, partnerships and even our strategic priorities were scrutinized in an effort to identify ways we could enhance the overall "customer" experience. | More »