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In 2009, Cleveland Public Library continued its tradition of hosting various events and exhibits beyond its core literacy programs. Highlights included:

Writers & Readers Series
Our highly acclaimed Writers & Readers Series garnered record attendance as the result of featuring some of the best authors in the world. In addition to such internationally renowned authors as Neil Gaiman and Ann Patchett, the series also featured well-known local author Loung Ung. The diversity of authors helped the Library to attract an equally diverse audience. Attendees came from throughout the Midwest, and many of the authors attracted a record number of college students.

Spectrum: The Lockwood Thompson Dialogues
"Civic Design and Inspired Infrastructure" was last year's theme for Spectrum, which is an annual program of provocative conversations focusing on issues that impact our visual and popular culture. Nearly 200 people attended the event that was moderated by Steven Litt from The Plain Dealer.

Spectrum was expanded in 2009 to include a new competition known as "See Also." This annual program commissions innovative, thought-provoking works of art that add to the Library's already broad range of educational and cultural programming. Each year, an artist is selected to exhibit a temporary installation from May through October in the Eastman Reading Garden, a highly visible and beloved green space in downtown Cleveland between the Library's historic Main Building and the Louis Stokes Wing of the Cleveland Public Library.

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