Fines & Fees

Once library materials are overdue, the cardholder will be charged overdue fines according to the Fines & Fees Schedule. The Library will accept payment for lost or damaged materials, overdue fines and fees associated with materials owned by other CLEVNET member libraries at any CPL location. The Library will not waive any fines or fees associated with materials owned by other CLEVNET member libraries. If an item owned by another CLEVNET member library is found at a later date, the patron must return the item to the owning library for a refund.  CPL will not issue refunds for materials owned by another library system.

The Library does not charge overdue fines for circulating materials borrowed by patrons aged 60 and over, or those who are totally and permanently disabled. To qualify for a disabled card, the patron must present a permanent Golden Buckeye card issued by the Ohio Department of Aging at the time of application. Patrons aged 60 and over or those who are totally and permanently disabled are still responsible for lost item charges.

Once an item is twenty-eight (28) or more days overdue, the Library will mail the borrower a bill for the cost of the item. Replacement prices for lost CPL items are listed in the Fines & Fees Schedule. If the lost CPL item is found within 90 days of payment, the patron may contact the Library for a refund. In the event that a borrower believes that an item was returned on time, the borrower should contact the owning library to ask staff to check the shelf for the item. If the item is owned by CPL and not found after a shelf check, it is the sole discretion of the library manager to grant or deny CLAIMS RETURNED status for the item.

Daily Overdue Fines

Regular Circulating Items $0.10 per day/item
Reference Items $1.00 per day/item
MyCloud Equipment $1.00 per hour/item
Tech Toybox Equipment $3.00 per day/item
Children’s Materials No overdue fines
Young Adult Materials No overdue fines
Materials @CPL-CSU, CPL-CWRU No overdue fines
Materials borrowed by seniors (age 60 & over) No overdue fines
Materials borrowed by patrons registered
as disabled or homebound
No overdue fines
Bill Threshold $25.00

Maximum Overdue Fines

Circulating Items $3.00/item
MyCloud Equipment $10.00/item
Tech Toybox Equipment $15.00/item

Replacement Fees

Borrower pays list price for material as shown online. If database shows no list price, patron is charged as follows:
Hardcover Book $23.00
Adult Paperback Book $14.50
Children’s Paperback Book $5.00
Audiobook $50.00
Comic Book $3.50
Compact Disc $17.00
DVD $25.00
DVD Set $60.00
Interlibrary Loan Material $100.00
LeapFrog Equipment $65.00
Magazine $6.00
Pamphlet $2.00
Reference Material Value of item
Self-Playing Device $80.00
Software/CD-ROM $40.00
Misc. uncataloged material $1.00/item
Lost or Stolen Library Card $1.00

Damage Fines

If major damage is found, the borrower pays online list price for material. If database shows no list price, the borrower pays default replacement price based on item type.

Interlibrary Loan Fees

Fees Charged to Libraries
         Ohio Libraries No Charge
         Out-of-State Libraries $10.00 per item
         Foreign Libraries $20.00 per item
Fees Charged to Libraries for Photocopies
         1-50 pages $15.00
Fees Charged to Individual Borrowers
         Borrowing No Charge
         Photocopies (1-50 pages) $5.00 per item
Lost Items
         Processing fee $25.00 per item
         Replacement price Value of item

Material Recovery Referral Fees

Accounts of borrowers with fines and/or fees in excess of $24.99 on their account are referred to material recovery services. A nonrefundable collection fee is assessed to the patron when the account is referred for material recovery services.

Material Recovery Fee $15.00

Copy, Printing, Faxing, and Scanning Fees – Self Service

Copies from Computer Printers
         8½”  x 11″ and 8½”  x 14″ B&W $0.10 per page
         11″ x 17″ B&W $0.20 per page
         8½”  x 11″ and 8½”  x 14″ Color $0.25 per page
         11″ x 17″ Color $0.50 per page
Copies from Microform Reader/Printer
         8½” x 11″ and 11″ x 17″ B&W $0.10 per page
         8½” x 11″ and 8½”  x 14″ B&W $0.10 per page
         11″ x 17″ B&W $0.20 per page
         8½”  x 11″ and 8½”  x 14″ Color $0.25 per page
         11″ x 17″ Color $0.50 per page
         Self-service faxing from multifunction devices $0.10 per page
         Self-service scanning sent to email address $0.10 per page
         Self-service scanning to one’s own device No charge
3D Printing
         Self-service printing from 3D printer in TechCentral $0.05 per gram


Cleveland Digital Public Library

Self-Service Scanning
Self-service scanning No charge
Self-service printing See Photoduplication Office Fees
Digital Scans Done by Staff
Service Fee $10.00 / job
Scan of individual, flat items at 300ppi up to A1 item size $.50 / image
Books (of up to 300 pages 300ppi up to A3 page size) $150.00 / book
Book scanning in excess of 300 pages additional $.50 / page
Special handling (fragile, etc.) Minimum charge $20.00 / order
Other sizes Price quoted upon request
Large projects Price quoted upon request
CD-ROM $2.50 / disc
Flash drive $7.00 / item
Printing See Photoduplication Office Fees

Meeting Room/Auditorium/Facility Fees


Activities Co-sponsored by Library No Charge
Activities Not Co-sponsored by the Library:
Library open No Charge
If food served $25.00
Main Library
Stokes Wing Auditorium (218 seats; Maximum Capacity 315) $500.00 per four hours plus staff costs
Main Library (designated areas in Main Library and Stokes Wing) and Garden – Only available when Library is closed $2,500.00 plus overtime costs
Cleveland Digital Public Library Learning Commons $250.00 four hours plus staff costs
Main Library Treasure Room – Only available when Library is open No charge
Stokes Wing Meeting Room 218 (Cap. 116; can be sub-divided) Open – No charge
Closed – $100.00
If food served $50.00
Multiple room booking fee $100.00
Staging and breakdown fee $50.00 / hour
Private, After-hours Events at Main Library for Donors of:
$10,000 One private event,
no charge
$25,000 or more Two private events, no charge

MakerSpace Materials and Use Fees

3D Printer
PLA Plastic $0.05 per gram
Water Soluble PVA $0.15 per gram
Laser Engraver
Aluminum-Anodized Business Card (2” x 3.5”) $2.50/item
Acrylic sheet (12” x 24” x 1/8”) $20.00/item
Acrylic sheet (12” x 24” x 1/4”) $25.00/item
Laminate Wood Sheet (12” x 24” x 1/4”) $15.00/item
Plywood sheet (12” x 24” x 1/4”) $3.00/item
LaserMax sheet (12” x 24” x 1/16”) $25.00/item
Speciality Item (Small)* $2.00/item
Speciality Item (Medium)* $5.00/item
Speciality Item (Large)* $10.00/item
*Specialty items may include engravable parts offered for limited times or special events
Vinyl Cutter – Vinyl Materials tiers are determined based on type, color, finish and size.
Tier 1 Materials $0.15/linear inch
Tier 2 Materials $0.25/linear inch
Tier 3 Materials $0.50/linear inch
T-shirts $5.00 / shirt



3D Printer
Tote Bags (non-complimentary) $0.10 per bag
Earbuds $1.00/pair
Flash Drive $7.00/each