The Rise of Republican Conservatism: 1924-1990

The Rise of Republican Conservatism: 1924-1990                                                                                    

AN EXHIBITION at the Cleveland Public Library, Special Collections Reading Room

On view July through November 30, 2016

 To commemorate Cleveland as host to the Republican National Convention (June 18-21, 2016), Special Collections of the Cleveland Public Library presents an exhibition of library resources and artifacts entitled: The Rise of Republican Conservatism: 1924-1990.  The exhibit will be on view in the Special Collections Reading Room from July through November 30,  2016.

Items on display will peak one’s curiosity with historical trivia, political humor, knowledge about local and national politics, places, ideas, presidential leadership, political ideology and political facts.  Libraries continue to step up to the challenge of providing information so American citizenry remains to be effective in a democracy.

The exhibit features books, documents, songs, photographs, journals and political campaign memorabilia that revolve around conservative leadership. Such items are a reflection of what past presidents, public intellectuals, businessmen, media moguls, and ordinary individuals have devoted their lives to furthering the cause of an American conservatism.

The 2016 Republican National Convention is Cleveland’s 3rd occasion to host the event. Cleveland was host for the 1924 and 1936 Republican conventions.  For more information, contact Special Collections at 216-623-2818 or email