New Public Catalog

On June 14, 2016, the CLEVNET resource sharing network (which includes Cleveland Public Library) will be transitioning to a new public catalog. The new CLEVNET catalog will have a slightly different look and feel, but it should be easy to use for anyone accustomed to using the current catalog.

The new catalog offers built-in features that make it easier to discover digital content offered through Hoopla & OverDrive. Patrons will also still be able to create booklists, and the lists created in the current catalog will be migrated to the new system. Another plus in the new catalog will be the ability to text information on individual items to yourself to make it easier to locate items and to remind yourself about your next read.

One loss for some patrons will be that the social media features in the current system will not be available in the new CLEVNET catalog. So, for example, you will no longer be able to rate, review, or comment on titles.

There is a new app called BookMyne that will replace the current CLEVNET app for mobile devices. You can download BookMyne from either the iTunes store or Google Play on your tablet or smartphone. For instructions, go to

Overall, a smooth transition from the old catalog to the new one is expected. You’ll see many of the same features and ways of doing things with which you’re already familiar. For more information, go to