Homework Help

 Kids Search Doing a report? Don’t want to carry a whole book on dinosaurs or the revolutionary war home just for a few pages on your subject? Using the Gale ebook collection you can find just the pages that have what you need and save, print, or send them to an ereader as a PDF.
 Kids Search If you need magazine, newspaper, or encyclopedia articles for your project KidsSearch makes it easy. Just pick your topic and type in what you are looking for. The results will give you full articles for your research.
 Muzzy Online Learn a new language through stories, games, and activities.  Languages include Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English.
 Muzzy Online Early elementary students can do research too with Searchasaurus’s easy to use subject categories and articles from kid-friendly publications. Parents and teachers can also limit articles by Lexile level.
 World Book Kids Search for information in this online encyclopedia for elementary aged students that includes pictures, maps, and other interactive features.
 World Book Student Information for middle and high school students including encyclopedia articles, World Book Atlas, and a multi-media collection.