GED / ESOL / Citizenship Classes

In partnership with the Tri-C GED Consortium and L.E.A.D, Institute, GED and ESOL classes are offered at selected Cleveland Public Library Branches and Main Library. Those interested in the classes or seeking more information should contact the branch where they wish to attend classes. For general questions about ABLE/GED call Tri-C at 216-987-2135 or visit their website.

Main Library — Classes offered: GED
Collinwood — Classes offered: GED
Eastman — Classes offered: GED
Fleet — Classes offered: GED
Fulton — Classes offered: ESOL
Glenville — Classes offered: GED
Walz — Classes offered: GED

What is GED?
The GED (General Educational Development) test is a group of five subject tests which provides many students that did not finish high school an opportunity to earn an Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma. Like a regular high school diploma, the GED diploma gives the diploma holder the opportunity to obtain employment, to apply for career advancement, to pursue higher education goals, or to reach a personal goal.

What is ESOL?
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) & Citizenship is a program designed for non-native English speaking adults who desire to improve their listening, speaking, writing, and communication skills in the area of finding and/or keeping a job. The Citizenship class prepares those who wish to take the test to obtain United States citizenship.