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    Policy and Rules for Use of Library Meeting Rooms

    Policy on Meeting Room Use

    The Library provides rooms that are available for meetings that are educational, cultural, religious, or civic in nature. Meeting rooms are not intended to function as administrative offices for organizations or individuals. If space is available after library-related obligations have been met, meeting rooms are available to organizations or individuals for programs and meetings when such will not interfere with normal use of the library and the use is consistent with this policy. 

    Rules for Meeting Room Use

    The Library shall schedule non-library meeting room use after the needs of the Library have been met.

    The Library reserves the right to attend any meeting held in its facilities to ensure no illegal activities are occurring on library premises. The public cannot be excluded from general meeting room use.

    Political demonstrations, rallies, or campaigns for specific partisan political issues or candidates are not permitted on library premises.

    Non-library-sponsored groups are not permitted to charge admission or registration fees, and no products or services may be sold on library premises. No collections are permitted.

    Meetings held in library meeting rooms must not disturb library operations. The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to library operations. Groups that disturb library operations may be denied future use of meeting rooms.

    An adult (aged 18 or older) associated with the group must complete the meeting room application and shall be responsible for all costs and damages resulting from use of library meeting rooms. 

    Groups may reserve library meeting rooms a maximum of 15 times in a 12-month period.

    Meeting room reservations will end 15 minutes before the Library closes, unless prior arrangements have been made with Outreach & Programming Services.

    At the time a meeting room is requested, the applicant for the meeting room should indicate whether or not refreshments will be served. If refreshments will be served, a cleaning fee may be assessed if the group fails to contain all food at the end of the meeting.

    Requests and arrangements for specific room setup are subject to availability and must be made at least ten days prior to the meeting.  The Library may offer the following setup options, depending on the room: classroom set up (tables and chairs) or auditorium seating (podium with chairs facing front (no tables).

    If audio and projection equipment is desired, requests and arrangements must be made at least ten days prior to the meeting and are subject to availability. If the group requires staff time to operate AV equipment, an hourly fee will be charged.

    Groups of fewer than five may not reserve meeting rooms in advance but are permitted to use them on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending on availability.

    Attendance at meetings may not exceed the maximum number of people certified by the Fire Department as the occupancy limit for the room.

    Smoking is prohibited on library premises.

    The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials, or other items owned by a group and cannot provide overnight storage for any group.

    Groups using the Library meeting rooms must not use advertising and/or publicity that imply their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the Library, unless written permission to do so has been previously given by the Library. No group is allowed to tack or tape anything to walls or doors.

    The Library reserves the right to reject any application if it is determined that the organization has abused its past privileges in using the meeting rooms as determined by the Library, including, without limitation: disruptive behavior, vandalism, theft, failure to appear for a scheduled meeting and/or failure to exit the building on time.

    The Library reserves the right to cancel or change the location of any meeting if circumstances so demand and will endeavor to give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or change. The Library reserves the right to cancel meetings with less than 24 hours’ notice due to acts of nature or situations warranting an emergency Library closing. The contact person listed on the meeting room application will be notified.

    Use Outside of Regular Library Hours

    If a group requests access to a meeting room facility after the Library is closed, special arrangements are necessary and may require payment. Anyone in library facilities outside regular library hours may be asked to provide identification. No event is to continue after 11:00 PM.

    Fees for Meeting Room Use

    There may be fees associated with meeting room use. Fees are quoted upon request and set by the Library Board of Trustees. Outreach & Programming Services will approve any charges for meeting room use and accept payments. Payment is due within seven (7) days of requesting a reservation. After seven (7) days, payments will be considered late and pending reservations may be cancelled.

    All cancellations for the auditorium in the Louis Stokes Wing must be made in writing and received no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the event date and are subject to a $50 administration fee. If an event in the auditorium is cancelled less than fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled event date, a 25% cancellation fee based on the auditorium use fee and the $50 administration fee will be assessed.

    If the Library has to cancel the reservation due to a Library event or closure, a full refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued if the event is cancelled by the Library  due to noncompliance with the Library’s Meeting Room Policy.

    Fees may be incurred in the following instances:

    • When the event is anticipated to have 50 or more attendees.
    • When refreshments are served in a CPL facility, a cleaning fee may be assessed.
    • When AV equipment is requested and staff assistance is required.
    • Groups and individuals will be charged for meeting room use and staff overtime charges if an event is scheduled to take place outside library hours.
    • In addition to meeting room fees, overtime charges for Library staff will be charged. All charges will be quoted as requested.

    Library staff will meet the group on the day of the meeting to provide access to the room and confirm the attendance on the day of the meeting. This information will be noted for statistical purposes only.

    Meeting Room/Auditorium/Facility Fees
    Activities Co-sponsored by Library No Charge
    Activities Not Co-sponsored by the Library:
    Library open No Charge
    If food served $25.00
    Main Library
    Stokes Wing Auditorium (218 seats; Maximum Capacity 315) $500.00 inclusive per four hours
    Stokes Wing (Auditorium, LL Lobby & First Floor) and Garden - Only available when Library is closed $2,000.00 plus overtime costs
    Stokes Wing Meeting Room 218 (Cap. 116; can be sub-divided) - Only available when Library is open No charge
    Main Library Treasure Room - Only available when Library is open No charge
    Stokes Wing Meeting Room 218 (Cap. 116; can be sub-divided) - Only available when Library is open No charge
    If food served $50.00
    Multiple room booking fee $100.00
    Private, After-hours Events at Main Library for Donors of:
    $10,000 One private event,
    no charge
    $25,000 or more Two private events, no charge