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    Foreign Literature

    Main Library
    Main Building
    4th Floor
    325 Superior Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44114

    Manager: Milos Markovic

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    About the Department
    Whether you are a first-year French student, a traveler planning a trip to Denmark, a language hobbyist intent on mastering Portuguese, or a new American learning English as a second language, you can find resources well suited to your purpose here. Books and other materials are available in more than forty-five languages.

    The Collection

    • Classics and Popular Fiction/Nonfiction: Arabic, German, Romanian, Armenian, Greek(Modern), Russian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Serbian, Bengali, Hindi, Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Chinese, Irish, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Swahili, Czech, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Latvian, Turkish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Farsi(Persian), Marathi, Urdu, Finnish, Norwegian, Vietnamese, French, Polish, Welsh, Gaelic(Scottish), Portuguese, Yiddish.
    • Books for Children and Young People: Parents who want their children to acquire or maintain proficiency in the native language of their forefathers can draw upon several collections which contain materials especially suitable for children and young people.
    • Periodicals and Recordings: A circulating collection of news weeklies, fashion magazines and popular monthlies. Language-learning for travelers, students, and English courses for the foreign-born.