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BIR Entertainment provides information on about 450,000 music titles and over 200,000 DVD/video titles. Find music or videos featuring your favorite artists or performers with one-click searching. With new titles and reviews being added regularly, this database also features popularity ratings based on national sales, and focused limiters such as genre searching or MPG ratings searches. BIR Entertainment is a component of Book Index with Reviews.

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This online version of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd Edition offers full text access to the hardback volumes with keyword searching and browsing capabilities. Includes articles, essays, reviews, and biographies.

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Essentials of Music about composers, eras, and muscial terms 
Music Theory on music theory basics and beyond 
Instrument Encyclopedia on a wide variety of musical intruments 
All Music information and discographies for all types of music 
Shmoop Music influence and meaning behind the important songs in popular music