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    Good People

    Good People, March 22 - April 14, 2013

    • Good people
      Good people
      David Lindsay-Abaire.

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    • Rogues and redeemers : when politics was king in Irish Boston
      Rogues and redeemers : when politics was king in Irish Boston
      Gerard O'Neill.
      This book is a behind-the-scenes portrait of the Irish power brokers who forged and fractured twentieth-century Boston. It tells the hidden story of Boston politics, the cold blooded ward bosses, the smoke-filled rooms, the larger-than-life pols who became national figures. It includes Honey Fitz, the crafty stage Irishman and grandfather to a president; the pugilistic Rascal King, Michael Curley; the hectored Kevin White who tried to hold the city together during the busing crisis; and Ray Flynn, the Southie charmer who was truly the last hurrah for Irish-American politics in the city. For almost a century, the Irish dominated Boston politics with their own unique, clannish brand of coercion and shaped its future for good and ill. The author, a former Boston Globe investigative reporter takes the reader through the entire journey from the famine ships arriving in Massachusetts Bay to the wresting of power away from the Brahmins of Beacon Hill to the Title I wars of attrition over housing to the rending of the city over busing to the Boston of today, which somehow through it all became a modern, revitalized city, albeit with a growing divide between the haves and have-nots.
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    • Southie won't go : a teacher's diary of the desegregation of South Boston High School
    • Women on their own : interdisciplinary perspectives on being single
    • Stronger than you think : becoming whole without having to be perfect : a woman's guide
    • Focus on single-parent families : past, present, and future
      Focus on single-parent families : past, present, and future
      editors, Annice D. Yarber, Paul M. Sharp.
      From the Publisher: Focus on Single-Parent Families: Past, Present, and Future brings together in one volume a range of cutting-edge research articles and essays on what has become the most dynamic change in family structure in U.S. history. It is the only resource to make the most insightful and important work being done on the single-parent family phenomena accessible to general readers. Focus on Single-Parent Families helps readers go beyond the stereotypes and look closely at the complexity of families with one parent and consider their place in society. It encompasses the wide variety of households with a single parent-a family structure that promises to continue to grow and diversify. Throughout, the book gauges the impact of the increasing number of single-parent families on the nation as a whole, particularly in regard to policies concerning family welfare, children's services and health care, schools, and other essential social institutions.
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    • The working poor : invisible in America
    • All souls : a family story from Southie
    • Women and poverty in 21st century America
      Women and poverty in 21st century America
      Paula vW. Dail.
      Despite an overhaul in the 1990s, the American welfare system remains with a business model focused on the bottom line. Crafted by male-dominated legislative bodies whose members most likely never had to choose between paying the rent of feeding their kids, established policies primarily protect the popular programs that ensure politicians' re-election. This volume offers a feminist perspective on the 21st century attitude toward poverty, illustrated by the words of women forced to live every day with social policies they had no voice in developing. Topics include the struggles of daily life, crime, health care, education, employment, and a discussion of capitalism, inequality, greed, and moral obligation in a free society. In the unrestrained pursuit of wealth, this work shows that America has created a vast poverty problem, making the rich richer and forcing the poor into a forgotten class.
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    • Outdoors with kids Boston : 100 fun places to explore in and around the city
      Outdoors with kids Boston : 100 fun places to explore in and around the city
      Kim Foley MacKinnon.
      "Getting the whole family outside and active is easy if parents know where to go and how to travel there. This new, must-have guide from the Appalachian Mountain Club features 100 outdoor destinations where families can enjoy successful day trips and outings, whether hiking, biking, paddling, playing, swimming, or simply running around. Written by parents and tested by kids, Outdoors with Kids Boston offers information about driving directions, parking information, fees, snacks, and bathrooms, as well as whether a location is stroller friendly or if swimming or camping is allowed. With tips and tricks, safety and planning information, educational activity ideas, and a simple-to-use format, this guide is the ideal resource for busy parents"-- Provided by publisher.
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    • Boston
      researchers, Julia S. Chen... [et al.].

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    • The inequality reader : contemporary and foundational readings in race, class, and gender
      The inequality reader : contemporary and foundational readings in race, class, and gender
      edited by David B. Grusky, Szonja Szelenyi.
      "The editors David B. Grusky and Szonja Szelenyi have assembled the most relevant classic and contemporary readings, providing balanced coverage of inequality's past and present. The carefully selected essays are methodologically diverse and interdisciplinary in nature and cover the important course topics such as poverty, discrimination, and gender. With thirty new readings, the second edition provides expanded focus on policy issues, allowing students to learn about the possibilities for improving inequality, as well as additional qualitative readings that make the scholarship more accessible and relatable."--pub. desc.
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