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    3545 Fulton Road
    Cleveland, OH 44109
    Phone: 216.623.6969
    Fax: 216.623.6972

    Monday 10:00-7:00
    Tuesday 10:00-7:00
    Wednesday  10:00-6:00
    Thursday 10:00-7:00
    Friday 10:00-6:00
    Saturday 10:00-6:00
    Sunday Closed

    Manager: Cheryl Diamond

    Upcoming events & classes



    Branch History
    Teare and Herman, the architects that designed this 8,300-square-foot structure, explained that Fulton Branch is “planned to recognize the trapezoidal site’s relationship to a busy intersection and scaled in context with the surrounding houses and small retail buildings.” The interior is highlighted by open stacks and a reading gallery lit by a north facing clerestory. 

    This branch is a full-service neighborhood library for Cleveland's Fulton community. It opened in 1983.

    Special Features
    This branch features the artwork: Readers Column sculpture by the artist David E. Davis, and Mayan Leaves by Nicholas Livaich. Both were installed in 1983.