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    • The Texas brides collection [electronic resource] : 9 complete stories
      The Texas brides collection [electronic resource] : 9 complete stories
      Darlene Franklin ... [et al.].
      Enjoy the rich history of Texas penned by an exclusive selection of Christian fiction authorsincluding DiAnn Mills and Kathleen Y'Barbo. This collection of nine romances brings together the lawful, the lawless, and the lonely in the Lone Star State. Watch as three Texas Rangers turn from chasing outlaws to courting women who are determined to remain independent. Experience the trials six outlaws have as they turn into respectable citizens and seek to settle down with a spouse to love.
    • Encounters of Sherlock Holmes [electronic resource]
      Encounters of Sherlock Holmes [electronic resource]
      edited by George Mann.
      A brand-new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories from a variety of exciting voices in modern horror and steampunk, including James Lovegrove, Justin Richards, Paul Magrs, Guy Adams and Mark Hodder. Edited by respected anthologist George Mann, and including a story by Mann himself.
    • An apple for the creature
      An apple for the creature
      edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner.
      A collection of thirteen original stories that take academic anxiety to whole new realms.
    • Radio active
      Radio active
      by Nate Ball
      Plans go awry when Amp, the four-inch-tall lead scout from the planet Erde, uses parts from fourth-grader Zack's walkie-talkie to build a quantum radio to alert his commanders to call off the pending invasion of Earth. Includes directions for building a radio.
    • Shock engagement [electronic resource]
    • Wickedly magical
      Wickedly magical
      Deborah Blake.
      Barbara Yager loves being one of the most powerful witches in the world, but sometimes she'd rather kick back in her enchanted Airstream with a beer in her hand than work out how to grant the requests of the worthy few who seek her out. But when a man appears with the token of a family debt of honor, Barbara must drop everything to satisfy the promise owed by her predecessor--and she isn't above being a little wicked to make sure the debt is paid in full.
    • Story engineering [electronic resource] : mastering the 6 core competencies of successful writing
    • Pontypool Changes Everything.
      Pontypool Changes Everything.
      Burgess, Tony.
      The dark side of humanity is explored in this electrifying science fiction thriller in which an epidemic virus terrorizes the earth. Causing its inhabitants to strike out on murderous rampages, the virus is caught through conversation and, once contracted, leads its host on a strange journeyinto another world where the undead roam the streets of the smallest towns and largest cities, hungry for human flesh. Describing in chilling detail what it would be like if thousands suddenly caught such a virus and struck out on a mass, never-ending, cannibalistic spree, this terrifying narrative is perf.
    • Willing sacrifice
      Willing sacrifice
      Shannon K. Butcher.
      Theronai warrior Torr has never forgotten Grace, the human who stole his heart and nearly gave her life to save his. So when he is summoned to the aid of Brenya, the powerful woman who healed Grace, he is devastated to find that Grace's cure has left her mind devoid of any memory of Torr or their love. However, despite not knowing who he is, Grace is inexplicably drawn to the dark warrior. As they team up to stop the invasion that threatens the people Grace now considers family, her memories slowly start resurfacing. But sometimes the past is best forgotten, a lesson that Torr may learn too late.
    • The red staircase
      The red staircase
      Gwendoline Butler.

    • Frog [electronic resource]
    • Where healing blooms : an Amish garden novella
      Where healing blooms : an Amish garden novella
      Vannetta Chapman.
      -- Then she discovers a run-away teenager in her barn, and the bishop asks her to provide a haven for a local woman and her two children. Emma's life begins to turn in unexpected directions. Through it all, her neighbor Danny Eicher is there to help and to listen.When her mother reveals one of the garden's hidden secrets, Emma's life takes yet another turn. Will she continue alone or will she accept the gifts of friendship and love God has given her? Depending on her decision, their family garden just might become?a place of healing for Emma and for many others.
    • Necessary errors : a novel
      Necessary errors : a novel
      Caleb Crain.
      "It's October 1990. Jacob Putnam is young and full of ideas. He's arrived a year too late to witness Czechoslovakia's revolution, but he still hopes to find its spirit, somehow. He discovers a country at a crossroads between communism and capitalism, and a picturesque city overflowing with a vibrant, searching sense of possibility. As the men and women Jacob meets begin to fall in love with one another, no one turns out to be quite the same as the idea Jacob has of them--including Jacob himself."-- From front cover flap.
    • Lawless
      HelenKay Dimon.
      Undercover agent Joel Kidd wasn't picked just for his risk-assessment and kidnap-prevention skills. He had inside knowledge of the mission's target: Hope Algier. Business had divided the former lovers, and now that same dirty business brought them back together. Touching down at this high-end out-of-the-way campground, Joel had the perfect cover among these weekend warriors. In reality, he was there to provide an extra layer of protection. One Hope wouldn't accept if she knew the truth. But when an unknown assailant begins picking off her clients one by one, Joel is the only one who can save them. Though civilization - and safety - was still a long way off...
    • Rival [electronic resource]
      Rival [electronic resource]
      Penelope Douglas.
      From the New Adult sensation and New York Times bestselling author of Bully and Until You Madoc and Fallon. Two estranged teenagers playing games that push the boundaries between love and war' She's back. For the two years she's been away at boarding school, there was no word from her. Back when we lived in the same house, she used to cut me down during the day and then leave her door open for me at night. I was stupid then, but now I'm ready to beat her at her own game' I'm back. Two years and I can tell he still wants me, even if he acts like he's better than me. But I won't be scared away. Or pushed down. I'll call his bluff and fight back. That's what he wants, right' As long as I keep my guard up, he'll never know how much he affects me'.
    • Puzzle me this
      Puzzle me this
      Eli Easton.
      Luke Schumaker designs computer games, working from his home. Every day he walks his dog in the woods nearby, never suspecting that someone who is completely smitten is watching. The watcher is Alex Shaw, and he too works from home, designing logic and crossword puzzles. Alex's options are limited: he's too shy to approach Luke and his wheelchair won't let him follow into the woods. His solution? Secret messages for Luke in the crosswords he writes for the local paper. When Luke decodes them, romance begins, but then they face greater puzzles, like Alex's interfering sister and what commitment to a man in a wheelchair really takes. And, most puzzling of all, how do you know if love is real?
    • Don't look now [electronic resource]
      Don't look now [electronic resource]
      Michelle Gagnon.
      "Teen hackers Noa and Peter struggle to take down the AMRF corporation while rescuing foster kids from AMRF's gruesome experiments"-- Provided by publisher.
    • The girl in the basement
      The girl in the basement
      Ray Garton.
      15-year-old Ryan Kettering has spent his young life in a series of mostly abusive foster homes. But his luck has changed. Now he's in the Preston house, where he has a budding romance with fellow foster child Lyssa. But something strange is going on in the basement. Maddy is a slow nine-year-old girl who is kept in the basement. Sometimes she talks in a gravelly adult voice. Sometimes she seems to know things about others that she couldn't possibly know...and predicts things that always come true. And sometimes people from the government come by to spend time with Maddy down in the basement. Maybe Ryan's luck hasn't changed as much as he thinks.
    • Torture the artist [electronic resource] : a novel
    • Tales from Foster High [electronic resource]
      Tales from Foster High [electronic resource]
      John Goode.
      Kyle Stilleno is the invisible student, toiling through high school in the middle of Nowhere, Texas. Brad Greymark is the baseball star of Foster High. When they bond over their mutual damage during a night of history tutoring, Kyle thinks maybe his life has changed for good. But the promise of fairy-tale love is a lie when you're gay and falling for the most popular boy in school. A coming of age story in the same vein of John Hughes, Tales from Foster High shows an unflinching vision of the ups and downs of teenage love and what it is like to grow up gay.
    • The last renegade
      The last renegade
      Jo Goodman.
      Tired of watching the uppity Burdick family run roughshod over the citizens of Bitter Springs, Wyoming, saloon and hotel owner Lorraine "Raine" Berry hires a gunslinger to protect the town. Unfortunately, the man she hired -- who called himself "Nat Church" after the popular dime novel hero -- is stabbed to death en route, leaving bystander Kellen Coltrane to take his place. Kellen pursues Raine's cause in a lawless land where there's no guarantee he'll survive long enough for romance with the flame-haired beauty.
    • True to the law
      True to the law
      Jo Goodman.
      Private detective Cobb Bridger has been hired to find Tru Morrow, who has supposedly absconded with something of great value belonging to a wealthy Chicago family, comes to doubt Tru's guilt after meeting her.
    • Sound of the trumpet
      Sound of the trumpet
      Grace Livingston Hill, America's best-loved storyteller.
      There is a war raging in Europe—and on the home front. A top secret weapon is being fashioned that could end the war quickly, and several people want to get their hands on it. John Sargent is being pressured to steal the blueprints, as unscrupulous men use his interest in wealthy socialite Lisle Kingsley to coerce him. Would they go so far as to kidnap Lisle in order to get what they want? Will John remain strong in the face of evil to save his country—and the woman he has come to love?
    • The ransom
      The ransom
      Grace Livingston Hill.
      As the Great Depression looms, meet a family divided by wealth and greed. Will disaster strike just as trust and love are being rebuilt?
    • Homeland [electronic resource] : the Crown family saga, 1890-1900
      Homeland [electronic resource] : the Crown family saga, 1890-1900
      John Jakes.
      As America hurtles through the final explosive events of the nineteenth century, a young German immigrant named Pauli Kroner finds his way to the Chicago mansion of his uncle, millionaire brewer Joe Crown. Pauli's ultimate clash with the stern, proud patriarch forces him into a perilous existence on the city's dark side. There, as Paul Crown, he rises from penniless newcomer to pioneer newsreel cameraman whose adventures span a tumultuous decade of strikes, war, family scandal and heartbreak in the country he has chosen as his ... Homeland.
    • The titans [electronic resource]
      The titans [electronic resource]
      John Jakes.
      The members of the Kent family’s most dynamic generation face internal clashes as the Civil War ignites In the hellish years of the Civil War, the Kent family faces its greatest trials yet. Louis, the devious son of the late Amanda Kent, is in control of the dynasty—and of its seemingly inevitable collapse. His cousin Jephtha Kent, meanwhile, backs the abolitionist cause, while his sons remain devoted Southerners. As the country fractures around the Kents, John Jakes introduces characters that include some of the most famous Americans of this defining era. Spanning the full breadth of the Civil War—from the brutal frontlines in the South to the political tangle in Washington—The Titans chronicles two struggles for identity: the country’s and the Kents’. This ebook features an illustrated biography of John Jakes including rare images from the author’s personal collection.
    • The will of the dead
      The will of the dead
      George Mann.
      A young man named Peter Maugram appears at the front door of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson's Baker Street lodgings. Maugram's uncle is dead and his will has disappeared, leaving the man afraid that he will be left penniless. Holmes agrees to take the case and he and Watson dig deep into the murky past of this complex family.
    • Original skin [electronic resource]
      Original skin [electronic resource]
      David Mark.
      Detective Aector McAvoy returns in a thrilling new case set in Yorkshire; a series of salacious murders has him on the hunt for a sadistic killer in David Mark's critically acclaimed series. When "swinger "Simon Appleyard is found strung-up and naked in his Hull apartment, the authorities are only too happy to chalk up his death to a suicide. After all, a new gang has taken over the local drug trade, and Detective Superintendent Trish Pharaoh's Serious and Organized Crime Unit is being run ragged by this well-connected and merciless group of criminals. With violent drug-related crime on the rise, the last thing the police need is an investigation of a depressed young man's death. But more bodies begin to turn up, and all are somehow connected to the local underground erotic scene. Although Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy would be perfectly content to stay at home with his beloved wife and newborn baby, he begins to suspect that murder is just the tip of the iceberg. As his shrewd investigation brings him uncomfortably close to the local political elite--powerful people who would kill to keep their secrets buried, and who have the power to make or break his career--McAvoy realizes he is hunting a killer who has plenty more targets in sight, and a lust that won't be satisfied until the River Humber runs red.
    • The dark winter
      The dark winter
      David Mark.
      Investigating a series of suspicious deaths and discovering that each victim was the sole survivor of a tragedy, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy of the northern England port of Hull struggles to balance the demands of the case with the needs of his beloved family.
    • The arrow [electronic resource]
      The arrow [electronic resource]
      Monica McCarty.
      As King Robert the Bruce of Scotland plots to retake his English occupied castles, he needs the stealth and skill of his elite soldiers, the Highland Guard. Fearless and indomitable, no men are more loyal to their king, or cherished by the women they love. The talents of legendary marksman Gregor "Arrow" MacGregor are crucial now, as Bruce moves to reclaim his Scottish holdings. Gregor is considered the most handsome man in Scotland, and his fame as an archer is rivaled only by his reputation with the lasses as a heartbreaker. But when his infamous face is exposed during a covert mission, Gregor is forced to lay low. He returns home only to find a new battle waiting: a daring game of seduction involving his now very grown up and very desirable ward, Cate of Lochmaben. A born fighter, Cate was clinging to life when Gregor rescued her after a vicious English raid on her village left her mother dead. But five years later, the once scrappy orphan Gregor took under his protection has become a woman. Brave, strong, and skilled in warfare, Cate is determined to lay claim to the warrior who refuses to be trapped. The heat in his eyes tells her she has his attention . . . and his desire. But will Gregor allow his heart to surrender before danger finds them, and the truth of Cate's identity is revealed'
    • Asunder [electronic resource]
      Asunder [electronic resource]
      Jodi Meadows.
      After the devastation of Templedark, eighteen-year-old Ana must stand up for the additional newsouls and figure out the mystery of their--and her--existence.
    • Jack Strong : a story of life after life
      Jack Strong : a story of life after life
      Walter Mosley.
      In a Las Vegas hotel room, a man awakes to confront his destiny Dreaming, Jack hears voices: a frightened child in a hospital, a woman cheating on her husband, a death-row inmate. When he wakes, the voices recede, but they do not vanish. He is in a luxurious hotel room on the Vegas strip, and his body is covered in scars. Jack Strong is a patchwork man, his flesh melded together from dozens of men and women, and his mind is the same way. Countless lifetimes are contained within him: people whose time was cut short, and who see their place in Jack as a chance to make things right. On behalf of one of them, Jack reignites a feud with corrupt casino bosses. Drawing on the skills of another, he beats the life out of two bodyguards. Jack fights for control as he lurches from impulse to impulse, certain that somewhere within him exists a soul. The answers may lie with whomever is tailing him in a sleek black car--if Jack can somehow confront him.
    • Enchanted no more [electronic resource]
      Enchanted no more [electronic resource]
      Robin D. Owens.
      As one of the last surviving Mistweavers, half-blood Jenni knows what it's like to be caught between two worlds: the faery and the human. But the time has come to choose. The Lightfolk require her unique talent for balancing the elements to fend off a dangerous enemy - and rescue her missing brother. Only for Rothly will Jenni deal with those who destroyed her life. Only for him will she agree to work with her ex-lover, Tage, and revisit the darkest corners of her soul. For a reckoning is at hand, and she alone has the power to hold back the forces of dark.
    • No time to die [electronic resource]
      No time to die [electronic resource]
      Kira Peikoff.
      In a Washington, D.C. research lab, a brilliant scientist is attacked by his own test subjects. At Columbia University, a talented biochemist is lured out of her apartment and never seen again. In the Justice Department's new Bioethics Committee, agent Les Mahler sees a sinister pattern emerging. . . Zoe Kincaid is a petite college student whose rare genetic makeup may hold the key to a powerful medical breakthrough. When she is kidnapped, the very thing mankind has wanted since the dawn of time threatens to unleash our final destruction.
    • The weird girls : a novella
    • Asylum [electronic resource]
      Asylum [electronic resource]
      Madeleine Roux.
      "Three teens at a summer program for gifted students uncover shocking secets in the sanatorium-turned-dorm where they're staying--secrets that link them all to the asylum's dark past"-- Provided by publisher.
    • His forbidden diamond [electronic resource]
      His forbidden diamond [electronic resource]
      Susan Stephens.
      The only woman he can't have' When billionaire Leandro Perez's indispensable and alluring assistant Emily Edison resigns and lets him know what she really thinks of him, he's furious. He won't let her off easily. If she wants to go, she'll pay the price'two weeks in paradise at his beck and call! 'is the only woman he wants! The exotically beautiful, innocent Princess Jasmina of Kareshi is strictly off-limits. Like Tyr, she has a reputation to protect, but denying their electrifying connection could prove to be the toughest challenge they have ever faced'.
    • Command control [electronic resource]
      Command control [electronic resource]
      Sara Jane Stone.
      A good soldier follows orders! U.S. Army Ranger Logan Reed's Vermont hometown has turned into hell. Logan is now known as either the hot-'n'-available widower or the town hero. And with the memory of his last mission still raw, the last thing he wants is to be called a hero. What he does want is the bold, redheaded stranger who makes his libido stand at attention. Sadie Bannerman is in town to help her pregnant twin'and to lie low until the world learns she's the author of the hottest new erotica novel! Thanks to her explosive chemistry with Logan, she's getting plenty of naughty inspiration for her next book. Because this supersexy soldier knows exactly how to follow her every command'.
    • Captivated love
      Captivated love
      Yasmin Sullivan.
      Where relationships are concerned, Safire Lewis is like quick fire. She moves fast to get what she wants--then moves on before things get too complicated. Artist Darien James's laid-back charm arouses her interest from their first meeting. But instead of seizing the opportunity for a no-strings fling, he's looking for a commitment. Darien has been hurt before. Now he wants a passionate connection that will last. With her sizzling confidence, the gorgeous paralegal has become his artistic muse--and the ultimate temptation. First they're butting heads, then they're burning up the sheets. He won't settle for less than everything Safire has to give. And if she will only lose her fear of letting go, she might realize that Darien is the one man who'll keep her endlessly enthralled.
    • What's left behind [electronic resource]
      What's left behind [electronic resource]
      Lorrie Thomson.
      When the person you've built your whole life around is gone, what do you do? It's not the first time Abby Stone has faced the question. At eighteen, she envisioned a future with her childhood sweetheart, Charlie, only to have him go off to school and leave a pregnant Abby behind. But that pales beside a second loss, when her eighteen-year-old son, Luke, falls to his death from his third-floor dorm. Abby throws herself into running her thriving B&B on the coast of Maine. With the help of Rob, a local landscape architect, she plans a backyard labyrinth as a memorial to Luke, a place to find peace and solace. Even as Charlie begins hanging around again, looking for a chance to do right by her, Abby resolves to look forward, not back. And then Luke's girlfriend arrives on Abby's doorstep, pregnant, as alone as Abby once was, bringing with her the unexpected gift of a new beginning, one that celebrates the past.
    • Fish & chips [electronic resource]
      Fish & chips [electronic resource]
      Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux.
      Cut & Run Series Book Three: Sequel to Sticks & Stones Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are back on the job, settled into a personal and professional relationship built on fierce protectiveness and blistering passion. Now they're assigned to impersonate two members of an international smuggling ring-an out-and-proud married couple-on a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean.
    • All for a cowboy
      All for a cowboy
      Jeannie Watt.
      Shae McArthur once had it all. Perfect job, perfect fiance. And when she lost everything, it was her own fault. Now she's starting from scratch with one last project--turning the Bryan Ranch around. If she succeeds, maybe she can pick up the pieces of her former life. The only problem is the ranch's stubborn--and captivating--owner, Jordan Bryan. He's fighting Shae on every change. What gives? True, his scars prove Shae's not the only one starting over. Still, shouldn't he, of all people, be able to see beyond the surface? Because she thinks maybe they could be each other's perfect new beginning ...
    • Deceived
      Randy Wayne White.
      Hannah Smith returns in the stunning new adventure in the New York Times-bestselling series from the author of the Doc Ford novels. A twenty-year-old unsolved murder from Florida's pothauling days gets Hannah Smith's attention, but so does a more immediate problem. A private museum devoted solely to the state's earliest settlers and pioneers has been announced, and many of Hannah's friends and neighbors in Sulfur Wells are being pressured to make contributions. The problem is, the whole thing is a scam, and when Hannah sets out to uncover whoever's behind it, she discovers that things are even worse than she thought. The museum scam is a front for a real estate power play, her entire village is in danger of being wiped out--and the forces behind it have no intention of letting anything, or anyone, stand in their way.
    • Chasing midnight [electronic resource]
      Chasing midnight [electronic resource]
      Randy Wayne White.
      Sneaking an underwater look at a notorious Russian black marketeer's fancy yacht, Doc Ford emerges to discover that the marketeer's private island has been taken over by environmental extremists who threaten to kill a hostage every hour until their demands are met.
    • Night moves [electronic resource]
      Night moves [electronic resource]
      Randy Wayne White.
      The stunning new thriller?the twentieth Doc Ford novel?from the New York Times?bestselling author. Both Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson have buried secrets. Now one of those secrets is about to come alive?with a vengeance. While trying to solve one of Florida?s most profound secrets, Doc Ford is the target of a murder attempt by someone who wants to make it look like an accident. Or is the target actually Tomlinson? Whatever the answer, the liveaboards and fishing guides at Dinkin?s Bay on Sanibel Island are becoming increasingly nervous?and wary?after a near-poisoning, a plane crash, and an explosion make it apparent that Ford and Tomlinson are dangerous companions. What their small family of friends don?t know is that their secret pasts make it impossible for the two of them to go to the law for help. There is an assassin on the loose, and it is up to them to find the killer?before he (or she) finishes the job.
    • Gone [electronic resource]
      Gone [electronic resource]
      Randy Wayne White.
      New York Times Hannah Smith is a tall, strong, formidable Florida woman, the descendant of generations of strong Florida women. She makes her living as a fishing guide, but her friends, neighbors, and clients also know her as an uncommonly resourceful woman with a keen sense of justice, as someone who can?t be bullied?and they have taken to coming to her with their problems. Her methods can be unorthodox, though, and those on the receiving end of them often wind up very unhappy?and sometimes very violent. When a girl goes missing, and Hannah is asked to find her, that is exactly what happens?
    • Lone star blessings [electronic resource]
      Lone star blessings [electronic resource]
      Bonnie K. Winn.
      When Kate Lambert returns to Rosewood, Texas, Sheriff Tucker Grey gratefully accepts her help with his preteen daughter, but keeps his heart at a distance.
    • Return to Rosewood [electronic resource]
    • Forever a family [electronic resource]
      Forever a family [electronic resource]
      Bonnie K. Winn.
      A Hero's Rescue Ever since the loss of his father, widow Olivia Gray's son has been acting out. When he's assigned community service at Zeke Harrison's ranch, the boy takes to the farm animals'and to Zeke'instantly. As a kid who hid his own troubles behind bad behavior, Zeke seems to understand her child better than anyone. Still, she needs to keep an eye on her son'which means staying close to the handsome veterinarian. But when her time with Zeke begins to break down the walls she's placed around her heart, will she be brave enough to let go of her past hurts and embrace a second chance at love'
    • Sadie's secret
      Sadie's secret
      Kathleen Y'Barbo.
      Louisiana, 1890, Sarah Louise "Sadie" Callum is a master of disguise, mostly due to her training as a Pinkerton agent but also from evading overprotective brothers as she grew up. When she takes on a new assignment with international connections, she has no idea her new cover will lead her on the adventure of a lifetime. Undercover agent William Jefferson Tucker is not looking for marriage, pretend or otherwise, but his past is a secret, his twin brother has stolen his present, and his future is in the hands of the lovely Sadie Callum. Without her connections to the world of upper-crust New Orleans, Jefferson might never find a way to clear his name and solve the art forgery case that has eluded him for years. Only God can help these two secret agents find a way to solve their case and uncover the truth about what is going on in their hearts.