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    • Arcade catastrophe [electronic resource]
      Arcade catastrophe [electronic resource]
      Brandon Mull.
      Nate and his friends think the new Arcadeland, where tickets can earn jets, tanks, subs, and racecars, is totally cool, until they learn that the arcade owner is hiding a secret.
    • A feast of dragons [electronic resource]
      A feast of dragons [electronic resource]
      Morgan Rice
      A feast of dragons takes us deeper into Thor's epic journey to becoming a warrior, as he journeys across the Sea of Fire to the dragon's Isle of Mist. An unforgiving place, home to the most elite warriors of the world, Thor's powers and abilities deepen as he trains. His friendships deepen, too, as they face adversities together, beyond what they could imagine. But as they find themselves up against unimaginable monsters , The Hundred quickly goes from training session to a matter of life or death. Not all will survive.
    • A march of kings [electronic resource]
      A march of kings [electronic resource]
      Morgan Rice
      A MARCH OF KINGS takes us one step further on Thor's epic journey into manhood, as he begins to realize more about who he is, what his powers are, and as he embarks to become a warrior.