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    • Young Ovid : an unfinished biography
      Young Ovid : an unfinished biography
      Diane Middlebrook
      After writing two extremely well received biographies--the first about Anne Sexton and the second about poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath--world-renowned scholar Diane Middlebrook's final project was a study of Ovid's work. Though he has been dead for over two thousand years and had left no personal records--not even the name of his mother--his poetry endures. Middlebrook was convinced that her intimate knowledge of Ovid's poetry and the approach she used in Her Husband (winner of the Prix Du Meilleur Livre Estranger), combined with a deep immersion into the Rome of Ovid's time, would enable her to write what could, without bragging, be called an Ovidian biography. However, severe health issues interfered with Middlebrook's work, and she was ultimately unable to complete this ambitious project before her death in 2007. She left behind an extraordinary look at the conditions and customs to which Ovid was exposed as a young Roman, as well as an acute interpretation of his family and personal life, gleaned from close readings of his poetry and letters from exile. Exhaustively researched and carefully constructed, Middelbrook's portrayal of Ovid is certain to be studied by scholars and read by historians for year to come.
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    • Moscow in the plague year
    • Infographic guide to literature
    • Total pardon : an extraordinary love story
      Total pardon : an extraordinary love story
      Wil and Linda Yazzie; with Jodie Randisi.
      An inmate who starts out a pen pal and ends up a husband-that's sketchy territory, but in Wil and Linda Yazzie's case, it turned out to be sacred territory. She was a devoted Christian. He was a hopeless alcoholic whose addictions robbed him of decades of his life, yet he goes from career criminal to Hollywood actor and devoted minster with a message. If it weren't for the unconditional love and faithful prayers of his wife, Linda, Wil would be dead-like most of his drinking buddies. Total Pardon is an extraordinary, true reversal-of-destiny story that offers radical hope for those struggling with addiction.
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    • Volume the first by Jane Austen : in her own hand
      Volume the first by Jane Austen : in her own hand
      Jane Austen
      "For the first time, all three volumes of Jane Austen's brilliant early manuscripts are available in beautiful facsimile editions. Fan fiction from the eighteenth century-Jane Austen's stories are as fresh and fun today as they were when she wrote them. Forever immortalized as the author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen actually produced her first "books" as a teenager. Taking their names from the inscriptions on their covers-Volume the First, Volume the Second, and Volume the Third-these brilliant little collections include the stories, playlets, verses, and moral fragments she wrote likely from the ages of twelve to eighteen. As a young author, Jane Austen delighted in language, employing it with great humor and surprising skill. She was adept at parodying the popular stories of her day and entertained her readers with outrageous plotlines and characters. Kathryn Sutherland places Austen's earliest works in context and explains how she mimicked even the style and manner in which this contemporary popular fiction was presented and arranged on the page. None of her six famous novels survives in complete manuscript form. This is a unique opportunity to own likenesses of Jane Austen's notebooks as originally written-in her own hand. Volume the First, housed at the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford, includes the following stories: "Frederic & Elfrida," "Jack & Alice," "Edgar & Emma," "Henry & Eliza," "Mr Harley," "Sir William Mountague," "Mr Clifford," "The beautifull Cafsandra," "Amelia Webster," "The Visit," "The Mystery," "The three Sisters," "Detached peices," and "Ode to Pity.""-- Provided by publisher.
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    • Sailing the forest : selected poems
      Sailing the forest : selected poems
      Robin Robertson.
      "A selection of poems spanning the career of a poet of the uncanny Filled with haunting and visionary poems, Sailing the Forest is a selection of the finest work from an essential voice in contemporary poetry. Robin Robertson's deceptively spare and mythically charged work is beautifully brutal, ancient and immediate, and capable of instilling menace and awe into our everyday landscape. These are poems drawn in shadow, tinged with salt and blood, that disarm the reader with their precise language and dreamlike illuminations. Robertson's unique world is a place of forked storms where "Rain. is silence turned up high" and we can see "the hay marry the fire / and the fire walk." Through five extraordinary collections, Robertson has captured the intangible, illusory world in razor-sharp language. "The genius of this Scots poet is for finding the sensually charged moment--in a raked northern seascape, in a sexual or gustatory encounter--and depicting it in language that is simultaneously spare and ample, and reminiscent of early Heaney or Hughes" (The New Yorker). Sailing the Forest reveals a wild-hearted poet at the height of his talents"-- Provided by publisher.
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    • William Wells Brown : an African American life
      William Wells Brown : an African American life
      Ezra Greenspan.
      "Born into slavery in Kentucky, raised on the Western frontier on the farm adjacent to Daniel Boone's, "rented" out in adolescence to a succession of steamboat captains on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, the young man known as "Sandy" reinvented himself as "William Wells" Brown after escaping to freedom. He lifted himself out of illiteracy and soon became an innovative, widely admired, and hugely popular speaker on antislavery circuits (both American and British) and went on to write the earliest African American works in a plethora of genres: travelogue, novel (the now canonized Clotel), printed play, and history. He also practiced medicine, ran for office, and campaigned for black uplift, temperance, and civil rights." -- Publisher's description.
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    • The selected letters of Langston Hughes
      The selected letters of Langston Hughes
      edited by Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel with Christa Fratantoro.

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    • The collected poems of James Laughlin, 1935-1997
      The collected poems of James Laughlin, 1935-1997
      edited with an Introduction and Notes by Peter Glassgold.

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    • "Literchoor Is My Beat" : a Life of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions
      "Literchoor Is My Beat" : a Life of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions
      Ian S. MacNiven.
      "A biography--thoughtful and playful--of the man who founded New Directions and transformed American publishing James Laughlin--a poet, publisher, world-class skier--was the man behind some of the most daring, revolutionary works in verse and prose of the twentieth century. As the founder of New Directions, he published Ezra Pound's The Cantos and William Carlos Williams's Paterson; he brought Herman Hesse and Jorge Luis Borges to an American audience. Throughout his life, this tall, charismatic intellectual, athlete, and entrepreneur preferred to stay hidden. But no longer--in "Literchoor is My Beat": James Laughlin and New Directions, Ian S. MacNiven has given us a sensitive and revealing portrait of this visionary and the understory of the last century of American letters. Laughlin--or J, as MacNiven calls him--emerges as an impressive and complex figure: energetic, idealistic, and hardworking, but also plagued by doubts--not about his ability to identify and nurture talent, but about his own worth as a writer. Haunted by his father's struggles with bipolar disorder, J threw himself into a flurry of activity, pulling together the first New Directions anthology before he'd graduated from Harvard and purchasing and managing a ski resort in Utah. MacNiven's portrait is comprehensive and vital, spiced with Ezra Pound's eccentric letters, J's romantic foibles, and anecdotes from a seat-of-your-pants era of publishing now gone by. A story about the struggle to publish only the best, it is itself an example of literary biography at its finest"-- Provided by publisher.
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    • Rainbow in the cloud : the wisdom and spirit of Maya Angelou.
      Rainbow in the cloud : the wisdom and spirit of Maya Angelou.
      Angelou, Maya,
      "Since the publication of her first autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou has been celebrated as one of America's most important writers. A National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize nominee, she lent her signature voice to countless works of literature, her words indelibly imprinted on the hearts of millions. Inspired by the woman who has inspired us all, Rainbow in the Cloud offers more than 200 of Dr. Angelou's most pivotal quotes, organized in themed sections (including America, Love, and Womanhood)--from sage advice and beautiful stanzas to humorous quips and pointed observations--drawn from each of her published works and from her celebrated (and much shared) social media posts. This collection also features special words of wisdom she shared often with her family, handpicked by her son, Guy Johnson"-- Provided by publisher.
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    • Pimp : the story of my life
      Pimp : the story of my life
      Iceberg Slim.
      This is the story of Iceberg Slim's life, as he saw, felt, tasted, and smelled it. A trip through hell by the one man who lived to tell the tale. The dangers of jail, addiction and death that are still all too familiar.
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    • Secrets of Inferno : in the footsteps of Dante and Dan Brown
    • The poem she didn't write and other poems
      The poem she didn't write and other poems
      Olena Kalytiak Davis.
      ""There is an eerie precision to her work-like the delicate discernment of a brain surgeon's scalpel-that renders each moment in both its absolute clarity and ultimate transitory fragility."-Rita Dove"Olena Kalytiak Davis's poems find evidence of the spirit everywhere, in laundromats, in parking lots and frozen landscapes, in the panic of birds."-Dean YoungIn her first full collection in a decade, Olena Kalytiak Davis revivifies language and makes love offerings to her beloved reader. With a heightened post-confessional directness, she addresses lost love, sexual violence, and the confrontations of aging. In her characteristic syntactical play, sly slips of meaning, and all-out feminism, Davis hyperconsciously erases the rulebook in this memorable collection.From "The Poem She Didn't Write":began when she stoppedbegan in winter and, like everything else, at first, just waited for spring in spring noticed there were lilac branches, but no desire, no need to talk to any angel, to say: sky, dooryard, when summer arrived there was more, but not much nothing really worth noting and then it was winter again-nothing had changed: sky, dooryard, white, frozen was the lake and the lagoon, some froze the ocean (now you erase that) (you cross that out) and so on and so forth. Olena Kalyiak Davis is a first-generation Ukrainian American who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Educated at Wayne State University, the University of Michigan Law School, and Vermont College, she is the author of three books of poetry. She currently works as a lawyer in Anchorage, Alaska. "-- Provided by publisher.
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    • Love imagined : a mixed race memoir
    • Midlife cabernet : life, love & laughter after fifty
    • Reel to reel
    • Lake winds : poems
    • Mature themes
    • Daily dishonesty : the beautiful little lies we tell ourselves every day
      Daily dishonesty : the beautiful little lies we tell ourselves every day
      Lauren Hom.
      We've all had one of those days: you sleep through the three alarms you've set, you put your shirt on inside out, you burn your mouth on your coffee, and it's only 9 a.m.! Daily Dishonesty pays homage to the little lies we tell ourselves just to make it through the day.
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    • Accepting the disaster
    • American barricade
    • Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail
      Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail
      Cheryl Strayed.
      Traces the personal crisis the author endured after the death of her mother and a painful divorce, which prompted her ambition to undertake a dangerous 1,100-mile solo hike that both drove her to rock bottom and helped her to heal.
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    • Sun bear
      Sun bear
      Matthew Zapruder.
      ""Zapruder's poems don't merely attempt beauty; they attain it."-The Boston Review"Matthew Zapruder has a razor eye for the remnants and revenants of modern culture."-The New York Times"With dynamic, logically complex sentences, Zapruder posits a world that is both extraordinary and refreshingly ordinary."-BOMBMatthew Zapruder's poems begin in the faint inkling, in the bloom of thought, and then unfold into wide-reaching meditations on what it means to live in the contemporary moment, among plastic, statistics, and diet soda. Written in a direct, conversational style, the poems in Sun Bear display full-force why Zapruder is one of the most popular poets in America.From "I Drink Bronze Light":Great American summer lakes right now I am flying above you through a rare cloudless transparent sky back to the city where it is always cold even in summer the round hole I press my face against shows only a blue expanse with white sails below speckled exactly the way the Aegean would have been three thousand years ago if one could have seen it from above maybe riding in the dark claw of a god who didn't care.Matthew Zapruder is a poet, translator, and editor at Wave Books. He is the author of three collections of poetry, and his book The Pajamaist won the William Carlos Williams Award. His poems, essays, and translations have appeared in many publications, including BOMB, Harvard Review, Paris Review, The New Yorker, McSweeney's, and The Believer. He lives in San Francisco, California"-- Provided by publisher.
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