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    Oct 28

    Written by: adawson 10/28/2013 8:56 AM 

    Rock legend Lou Reed died October 27th, 2013 at the age of 71. To pigeonhhole his musical style is difficult, as Reed was subject to artistic reinvention during his near 50 year career. During his career, Lou Reed appeared many times in the Cleveland area. In 1974, Billy Bass of RCA records said, "Lou loves Cleveland. That's where he broke out in the first place."

    Reed, along with classically trained musician John Cale, formed the proto-punk band the Velvet Underground. Under the  management of Andy Warhol the Underground recorded such classic songs as "Sweet Jane" and "Heroin". The 1967  Velvet Underground and Nico is widely considered one of the greatest albums in rock history. During the Underground's existence, they appeared frequently at the La Cave folk music club on Euclid Avenue. Reed and Cale eventually pursued solo careers, though the band reunited several times in later years. Reed and the Velvet Underground were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

     As a solo artist, Reed explored many different areas of music from rock to punk to experimental. Reed's 1975 album Metal Machine Music  features two records of loud electronic feedback (which Reed claimed he had never listened to in its entirety). Reed's greatest mainstream success came in 1972 with his album Transfomer featuring perhaps his most famous song "Walk on the Wild Side." He made over 20 albums over the next 40 years. In 2011, Reed recorded his last album, in collaboration with the heavy metal band Metallica, entitled Lulu .  In June of this year, Reed was a recipient of a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. 


    With the Velvet Underground
    November 6, 1966 – Masonic Auditorium
    June 22-July 2 1967 La Cave
    April 26-28, 1968 – La Cave                                                                                         
    December 1, 1968 –Music Hall (w/Canned Heat)
    Jan 31, Feb. 1-2 , 1969 - La Cave                                         
    December 22,1972 - Cleveland Music Hall
    March 18, 1973 – Ashland College Phys Ed Center
    May 4, 1973 – Akron Civic Center
    December 1, 1973 -Akron Civic Center  
    October 24, 1974 - Allen Theatre (w/Hall & Oates)
    May 11, 1975 – Allen Theatre (w/String Driven Thing) 
    October 23, 1976 – Akron Civic Center (That evening,. Elvis Presley appeared at the Richfield Coliseum) “Evening with Lou Reed”
    April 28, 1978 – Music Hall “An Evening with Lou Reed” (w/Ian Drury & the Blockheads)
    May 27, 1980 –The Agora (2 shows) later aired as WMMS Sunday Night Concert
    October 3, 1984 –The Agora (WMMS Coffeebreak Concert series)
    August 3, 1986 - Music Hall
    March 29, 1989 – The Palace (w/The Feelies)
    August 19, 1989 – Nautica (cancelled) 12/6 PD reports Reed suing Belkin Productions when his ankle was broken on a faulty step)
    May 15, 1992 – Music Hall
    September 2, 1995 -- Concert for the Hall of Fame at the Stadium.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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    LOU REED ON COMPACT DISC                                                                                              
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