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    Oct 14

    Written by: adawson 10/14/2010 11:29 AM 

    An image from the Fine Arts Sheet Music Collection was selected by the Society of Ohio Archivists to be featured on the Ohio Archives poster.  The 2010 theme "Let the Music Move You" recognizes diverse musical collections that can be found throughout Ohio libraries and archives.

    The poster features the sheet music from Cleveland Public Library entitled, Keep Your Eye On the Girlie You Love.  The score is by Ira Schuster, Howard Johnson and Alex Gerber (1916). 

    Ohio Archives Month began in 1993 by the Society of Ohio Archivists.  The goal is to increase general awareness of archival materials that are available to the public and to support its preservation & heritage for future generations.  

    For questions about the sheet music collection, contact Fine Arts at 216-623-2848 or search the catalog for a title.