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    Sep 17

    Written by: adawson 9/17/2010 4:38 PM 

    In June 2010, MMall photos #9ayor Frank Jackson appointed 15 members to the new Group Plan Commission.  Their charge is to analyze ways to revitalize the Cleveland Mall Drawing of Group Plan 1927Plan, originally designed in 1903 by Daniel Burnham, John Carrère, and Arnold Brunner.

    The Mall design was conceptually planned as part of the City Beautiful movement.  The intent was to transform blighted urban areas into progressive, civic, and socially-minded activity centers.  Well designed architecture, public space, and landscaping were instrumental to its development.  The new Commission faces the challenge of bringing forth a plan of how to expand its design, finance, and to promote public participation.  The report is due to the Mayor in January 2011.

    The Main building (dedicated in 1925) of Cleveland Public Library was one of the 7 original buildings that were part of the 1903 plan.  The Library is dedicated to preserving Cleveland’s history and retains many historical items related to the original Group Plan.  Several of these documents are available to view online as well as a bibliography to locate other books and documents on the subject.

                  Cleveland Public LibraryCleveland Public Library 1923