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    By Michael Dalby on

    John G. White’s interest in chess and its origins grew into an interest in all the cultures that spurred the development of chess. Particularly important to this expansion was the Far Eastern cultures, mainly Indian and Chinese, and the Near Eastern cultures, primarily Arabic and Persian. From his interests in these civilizations, John G. White began to collect manuscripts on these religious, social, and educational customs.

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    By adawson on

     Plate I

    In 1876, Genevieve Jones, a young woman from Circleville, Ohio was inspired to contribute to the field of ornithology after seeing John James Audubon’s Birds of America on display in Philadelphia.  She would contribute by creating an illustrated collection of the nests and eggs of birds found in Ohio. Genevieve and her father, Dr. Nelson Jones, both amateur naturalists, and her friend Eliza Shulze decided to take on the task, which proved so huge that it would take seven years to complete and nearly $14,000 to complete. Howard Jones, Genevieve’s younger brother collected the nests and eggs and took...

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